The hypocrisy behind Hollywood’s continued acceptance of Woody Allen


  Director Woody Allen attends a special screening of
Director Woody Allen attends a special screening of "Wonder Wheel", presented by Amazon Studios, at the Museum of Modern Art.

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Hollywood It is in the middle of the movement, and while it continues to knock down powerful men, at least one has proven to be immune: Woody Allen. In an opinion column for Los Angeles Times Dylan Farrow, whom Allen and Mia Farrow adopted, questioned how the industry that finally overthrew Harvey Weinstein and quickly turned to Louis C.K. He continues to support Allen, and to silence his accuser.

Farrow was seven years old when, according to his stories, Allen left her alone in the attic and badually badaulted her. Ultimately, a custody judge ruled that Allen's behavior was "grossly inappropriate," but the case did not go to a criminal trial.

Allen is accused, as are Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, James Toback and more. And they're on their way to hell out of town while Allen gets soaked in another movie release.

"It is a testimony from Allen's public relations team and his lawyers that few know these simple facts," Farrow wrote in Times . "He also talks about the forces that historically have protected men like Allen: money and power deployed to complicate simple things, to mbadage history."

Farrow points to conflicting messages from prominent celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Blake Lively, and Greta Gerwig, all of whom strongly support women who come forward to expel inappropriate badual behavior in Hollywood, but who avoid Allen's personal story while working with him. Farrow's op-ed contains glowing quotes from the three actresses about working with Allen that are juxtaposed with criticisms of Weinstein and others.

In October, Allen expressed sympathy for Weinstein and warned that Hollywood would not embark on a "witch hunt." It is worth noting that one of Weinstein's first investigations after the news was written by Ronan, Dylan's brother.

"It is not only power that allows men accused of badual abuse to maintain their careers and their secrets," wrote Dylan Farrow, who said that "it broke my heart" when she saw the work of those she admired. with Allen. "It's also our collective choice to see simple situations as complicated and obvious conclusions as a matter of" who can say "The system worked for Harvey Weinstein for decades, it still works for Woody Allen."

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