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The human race has reached its peak in many areas and will now decline, suggest scientists

Humanity has reached its peak and is now probably in its fall, according to new important research.

People have long thought about human development as a long process of improvement, which continues forever. But now we face the limits of how good we can be, scientists say, and we are likely to start falling again now.

The main research review analyzed 120 years of data and found that it appears to be limits on our characteristics, such as when we die, how high we can be and how strong we are. We are pushing against those limits now, the research suggests.

In addition, the ways in which we are changing our environment, including through global warming, are likely to reduce those limits and force humanity to decline, the researchers said.

For a long time, humanity seemed to be improving. Race speeds that once seemed impossible are now commonplace, for example, and the record for the oldest person in the world is often broken.

But over time, we'll probably see fewer world records breaking, the new research suggests. and little development regarding the age of the elderly. More people could reach those peaks of performance, but the peaks will not increase, found the research published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

"These traits no longer increase, despite continuous nutritional, medical and scientific progress, suggesting that modern societies have allowed our species to reach its limits, we are the first generation to become aware of this," Jean said. François Toussaint of the Paris Descartes University, France.

Some of those limits now seem to be diminishing. And it's largely because of the changes we're making in our environment, said Professor Toussaint.

"This will be one of the greatest challenges of this century since the added pressure of anthropogenic activities will be responsible for the harmful effects on human health and the environment." he said in a statement. "The current decreases in human capabilities that we can see today are a sign that environmental changes, including climate, are already contributing to the growing constraints we now have to consider.

" Observing declining trends may provide an early signal that something has changed but not for the better. Human height has decreased in the last decade in some African countries; this suggests that some societies are no longer able to provide sufficient nutrition for each of their children and maintain the health of their younger inhabitants. "

The approach of politicians and other key decision makers should now be focused on ensuring that as many people as possible We may be able to reach the current limits, instead of emphasizing our need to keep pushing them, the researchers said.

"Now that we know the limits of the human species, this can act as a clear objective for nations to ensure that human capabilities reach their highest possible values ​​for the majority of the population, "said Professor Toussaint." Due to increasing environmental constraints, this can cost more and more energy and investment to balance the increasing pressures of ecosystems. However, if it is successful, then we should observe an incremental increase in the average values ​​of height, lifespan and most human biomarkers. "

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