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The huge Fortnite robot grows, hinting at the end of season 9

In the last weeks, FortniteThe pressure plant (the new destination of the volcanic crater) was opened to reveal the robot factory that was previously filtered. Although the opening did not matter at that time, the players were presented with the legs of a huge robot currently under construction. As of the most recent update, the robot is almost complete.

The robot factory is located where the Pressure Plant was placed, which in turn replaced the point of interest of the Volcano before the eruption of season 8. The news of the presence of Robot Factory emerged for the first time in a couple of years. leaks, but, therefore, the new point of interest has not been terrible, well, interesting.

However, it has become clear that a single mbadive robot that is being built in the factory will play a role in Epic's overall history for the game. Each update brings a bit more to the machine, the most recent addition of a huge jetpack. Although the robot does not yet have a head, it now rises above the volcanic crater, dominating the royal battle island.

The robot supposedly has the code name "Doggus" and it seems that the only piece that is still missing is the head, which will probably appear at the end of the countdown timer that is currently in the game. There have been no leaks about the robot itself due to a change in the epic made in the game files with the intention of reducing early information.

It's hard to say what Epic has planned for the robot, but players are speculating that it will be the monster that was launched when the eruption sent rocks to Polar Peak Mountain. The monster has been seen in the water several times and has since returned to Earth, breaking a house in Pleasant Park in the process.

Fortnite Season 10 arrives on August 1.

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