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The Hubble Space Telescope comes back to work after 3 weeks of inactivity

After more than three weeks of inactivity, NASA says its iconic Hubble Space Telescope was officially launched on Friday, October 26.

The US space agency reports on its website that Hubble made its first scientific observation since one of its gyroscopes failed on October 5 during the early hours of Saturday morning. A turn is described by NASA as "a device that measures the speed at which the ship rotates, which is necessary to help Hubble rotate and block new targets."

NASA says it activated one of the Hubble backup gyros immediately thereafter, but it did more harm than good because "it incorrectly returned turnover rates that were well above the actual rates."

Before returning successfully to scientific operations, the space agency subjected the telescope to a series of maneuvers and turns while changing the rotation between operating modes. NASA says its team at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland was able to perform these tasks without problems.

"Hubble is now back in its normal scientific operations mode with three fully functional gyros," the space agency reports.

"Initially required to last 15 years, Hubble has been at the forefront of scientific discovery for more than 28 years." The team hopes the telescope will continue to produce surprising discoveries until the next decade, allowing it to work alongside the James Webb Space Telescope. . "

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