The House ratifies the peaceful transfer of power in a near unanimous vote.

The House on Tuesday adopted a resolution to reaffirm the Chamber’s support for the peaceful transfer of power President TrumpDonald John Trumpfive Takeaways Memo from Trump-Biden Debate: Debate or Defeat? Democrats reprimand Trump for not condemning white supremacists, boys more proud of the debate Committed to do this for the last week if he loses the reunion.

The MPs adopted the measure in the bipartisan with 397-5 votes, with all votes in the opposition coming from the Republicans.

Tuesday’s vote passed one by one last week in the Senate on a similar measure, which lawmakers in that chamber unanimously passed.

The passage of the resolution in the Democratic-led House also came less than an hour before Trump and the Democratic nominee. Joe BidenJoe Bidenfike Takeaway Memo from Trump-Biden Debate: Debate or Defeat? Democrats reprimand Trump for not condemning white supremacists, boys more proud of the debate The first three presidents were face to face in the debate.

There were five Republican representatives who voted against the resolution. Matt getzMatthew (Matt) Getzhouse Confirms Peaceful Transfer of Power in Unanimous Vote Sunday Preview: Lawmakers Prepare for SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings Before Election, Trump Facing Tough Election to Supreme Court Does matter. (Fla.), Louis gohmattThe unanimous vote near Louis (Louie) Baylor Goharmethouse confirmed the peaceful transfer of the power house. The GOP legislator’s attempt to remove references to Democrats in the Capitol Rape was quashed. Dan Meuser tested positive for COVID-19 MORE. (Texas), Clay HigginsGlenn (Clay) Clay Higgshaus confirms peaceful transfer of power in pass-unanimous vote Facebook removes GOP lawmaker post for violence New York Times to test all members of Congress for coronovirus Call (La.), Steve kingSteven (Steve) Confirms Peaceful Transfer of Power in Unanimous Vote Near Arnold Kinghouse, Deadlock in Biden Iowa: Poll GOP Leader: ‘There’s No Place for QAnon in the Republican Party’ More (Iowa) and Thomas MasiA unanimous vote near Thomas Harold Masihaus confirmed the peaceful transfer of power. (Ky.).

Neither the motion taken by the House nor the Senate explicitly referred to Trump last week, stating that he would have to see what happens when he is asked if he is in the event of a peaceful change of power. He would have committed to what he lost at Biden. Trump tried to sow doubt about the credibility of voting by mail during the coronavirus epidemic, without further proof.

“Get rid of the ballots and you will have a great peace – there will be no transfer, obviously. There will be a continuity, ”Trump said at a press conference.

House version of the resolution, authored by Rep. Erik SwalwellEric Michael Swalwellhouse unanimously confirmed peaceful transfer of power house to vote, confirmed peaceful transition of power to vote on motion, Swalwell calls for Trump’s inquiry to form Presidential Crimes Commission , When he leaves office. (D-California), states that the Chamber “reaffirms its commitment to an orderly and peaceful transfer of power as is stated in the Constitution of the United States” and intends that any disruption by the President or a person in power should not be. To reverse the will of the people of the United States. “

Swalwell framed the proposal as an opportunity for lawmakers to reaffirm a fundamental part of American democracy.

“As in the United States, the federal government has always made a peaceful transition of power. And it is a collective responsibility of this body to ensure that,” Swellwell said during the House debate.

“Everyone in America knows that this is what makes us American. Everyone except President Trump, ”Swavel said.

Not a single GOP legislator spoke in support of the measure during the House floor debate.

Instead, Republicans appearing on the floor rejected the proposal unnecessarily and fired a partisan shot at Trump, while insisting they support a peaceful transition to power.

He further pointed to public comments in August. Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rottham Clinton Hillary Clinton after debate: ‘Everyone votes better’, The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, who urged Biden not to accept Trump “under any circumstances” because he thinks the election results are due to ballots cast by the mail to be “pulled out”.

A top aide of Trump, Getz said, “This proposal is a way for Democrats to attack the president and hide the fact that they will refuse to accept the election results until they win.” “Professional loser Hillary Clinton has told Joe Biden that he should not accept, and I am quoting under any circumstances.” “

Swalwell insisted that the language in the resolution was the same as that which the Senate had unanimously passed a few days earlier.

“I know my colleagues on the other hand have their own doubts about what the motive is behind this and want to do something that is not in the language. But it was passed by 100 senators last week,” Swallowell said .

Top GOP lawmakers distanced themselves from Trump’s comments last week and insisted they support a peaceful shift of power, but did not directly reprimand the president.

Sen John thunJohn Randolph Thunhouse affirms the peaceful transfer of power in a near-unanimous vote. In a rare move, Schumer forces vote to consider health care bill, amid Supreme Court tensions, Supreme Court nominees give no clue at GOP meeting (SD), the second-highest-ranking Senate Republican, told reporters last week that he believed Republicans would stand with Trump if he refused to accept the election result.

“Republicans believe in the rule of law. We believe in the Constitution and that is what happens.

Last week was not the first time that Trump has expressed doubt about whether he would refuse to give up if he lost.

When asked during an interview Chris wallaceChristopher (Chris) Wallace Fikeways Memo from Trump-Biden Debate: Debate or Defeat? Democrats reprimand Trump for not condemning white supremacists, boys more proud of the debate In July of Fox News asking whether he would accept the election results, Trump said he would “have to see” and showed the sacked election that left him behind as “fake” to Biden.

White House press secretary Kayle McNee said last Thursday that Trump would “accept the outcome of a free and fair election.”

Hours later, Trump refused to retract his previous comments from the day before he committed to a peaceful transition of power.

Trump said, “We want to make sure the election is in earnest, and I’m not sure it can happen. I don’t know that it can happen with the whole situation.


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