The ‘house nation’ Asgardia simply launched its first satellite tv for pc


The birth of a space nation?

The beginning of an area nation?


By Leah Crane

The Space Kingdom of Asgardia has launched its first satellite tv for pc. This so-called ‘virtual nation’ is the pet venture of Russian scientist and billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli. Last yr, he proposed a brand new nation which might be based mostly in house in an effort to be outdoors of the management of countries on Earth.

The Asgardia-1 satellite tv for pc, which is in regards to the dimension of a loaf of bread, launched on 12 November and incorporates half a terabyte of knowledge. It holds the foundations of the venture – the nation’s structure, its nationwide symbols, and information from its 115,000 residents. It was launched from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia aboard a Cygnus spacecraft on an Orbital ATK Antares rocket.

The Cygnus craft will dock with the International Space Station on 14 November to carry out its major mission of delivering provides to the astronauts there. After a couple of month, it can undock and fly greater above Earth, the place it can launch Asgardia’s satellite tv for pc into orbit.


While Ashurbeyli has plans to persuade the UN to recognise Asgardia as a sovereign nation and sometime construct Asgardian colonies in house, it’s not at present recognised as a nation by any nation on Earth. For now, the one profit supplied to residents of the house nation is the flexibility to add information to Asgardia-1 in orbit.

Time will inform whether or not the Space Kingdom of Asgardia turns into the primary space-based nation or whether or not it can stay merely an orbiting exterior arduous drive.

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