The hospital turns off the doctors after the "dead" baby wakes up on his way to the crematorium

A hospital in India fired two doctors after a baby declared dead woke up en route to his funeral, according to reports.

Doctors declared the newborn twin dead Thursday two hours after being born prematurely at Max Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi, CNN reported.

The boy and his sister, who was born dead, were placed in plastic bags for the family to take to the crematorium.

While on the way, the family said they noticed "some movements" in one of the bags, according to CNN.

"When we opened the bag, we found the child breathing," his grandfather Praveen Malik told CNN. "I was shocked, I could not believe what I was seeing."

The family returned with the baby to the hospital where it is in critical condition.

Hospital officials issued a statement Sunday calling the case an "unfortunate incident," USA Today reported.

"We are shocked and worried about this rare incident," the hospital said. "We are in constant contact with parents and we are providing all the necessary support."

Police have opened an investigation into the incident and are reviewing surveillance images.

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