The Honor 20 Pro has emblematic specifications with a mid-range price

Two days after Google, the future of Huawei's Android devices in disarray, its secondary brand Honor is announcing its flagship line for the year. The Honor 20 (not to be confused with the Honor View released earlier this year) and the Honor 20 Pro will be located at the top of the budget branding range, with the Kirin 980 processor, Huawei's flagship , quad rear cameras and side-mount fingerprint scanners All with a large 6.26-inch screen, complete with a cutout for the front camera. The Honor 20 Pro will cost € 599, while the Honor 20 will be a little cheaper at € 499 or £ 399 in the UK. Honor says both devices will be available soon.

I have been using the Honor 20 Pro, the most premium of the two devices, like my daily phone during the past week. There are many things about this device. I was surprised by the convenience of the side-mounted fingerprint sensor, the performance of the phone games is exceptional and I am a big fan of its design and construction quality in general. I have reservations about the quality of the camera, which pales in comparison to the cheaper Pixel 3A, but I came away with a positive impression of the device.

At this moment, there are many unknowns about the future of Honor and Huawei for Android. Honor has said that these two devices have already been certified by Google, and has suggested that, as a result, they should not be affected by the worst of the changes that are coming. That means they should have access to Google Play Store as well as other Google services, but future updates are less secure. These phones will be launched at the end of the three months of updates allowed by the United States Department of Commerce. Huawei has said that existing devices (in the distinction that these phones seem to cover) will continue to receive security updates, but you should not expect them to receive platform-level updates, such as an update for Android Q. (Phones are launching with Magic Honor UI on top of Android 9 Pie.) That does not mean these devices are unusable, but it's still an uncomfortable question mark to hang on a device the day of your announcement.

However, at least it garnered a good impression of how the Honor 20 Pro operates in the here and now.

The Honor 20 Pro has a slightly quieter design than the company's phones.

Honor has traditionally chosen bright and eye-catching colors for the designs of its devices, but the Honor 20 Pro's design slightly attenuates the two colors available at launch. The device has been using a purple color scheme (confusingly called "ghost black"), and the phone will also be available in green (or ghost blue, according to Honor). I like the appearance of both. However, I am less than the huge bulge of the back camera of a phone. I never really understood how much attention is paid to the way the camera lenses stick out from the back of certain phones, but after using the Honor 20 Pro, it suddenly becomes clear. It's such a small complaint in the grand scheme of things, but having a phone on a desk when you lose it is one of those minor annoyances instead of not doing it.

That is the camera that houses three of the four back chambers of the phone. There is a main 48-megapixel f / 1.4 camera with optical image stabilization, a 117-degree wide-angle camera with 16 megapixels f / 2.2 and an 8-megapixel f / 2.4 telephoto camera. It's similar to what you'll find in the OnePlus 7 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S10. The no-Pro Honor 20 has a slightly different configuration, changing the telephoto camera to a camera with a 2-megapixel depth sensor. It has no optical image stabilization in its main camera. Both phones have a fourth f / 2.4 2 megapixel camera on the back and a 32 megapixel f / 2.0 selfie camera on the 4.5 mm perforator on their screens.

On the back of the phone there is a big camera hit.

On paper, the 48-megapixel specifications of the Honor 20 Pro's main camera are good. They are technically better than the 40 megapixel main sensor of the Huawei P30. However, the specifications do not tell the whole story when it comes to the performance of a camera in the real world. Photographs look good at first glance, but when you look, they may lack detail and sharpness. By default, the camera software also tended to oversaturate the colors of my photographs.

Thanks to the telephoto lens on the back of the phone, the Honor 20 Pro has a 3x optical zoom, a 5x hybrid zoom, and will allow you to zoom digitally with a 30x magnification. I am almost impressed that Honor allows you to get close to here because neither the hardware nor the camera software are capable of producing usable photos at this zoom level. However, up to a 5x level or zoom, the camera produces pretty good results. The wide-angle camera is similarly capable.

The macro lens is the best of the four back chambers of the phone. Unlike zoom and wide-angle lenses (which the camera application automatically changes when zooming in or out), the macro lens is in a separate menu option. It works well, it allows me to approach my subjects up to 40 millimeters, as shown in the following example images, but it would be good if the application could change automatically when necessary. I discovered that I had to change the camera and find out what was best in any particular situation. "data-upload-width =" 3000 "src =" ( 0x0: 3000x4000) no_upscale () /

Without the macro mode activated, the camera struggled to focus the guitar. "data-upload-width =" 1200 "src =" ( 0x0: 1200x1600) no_upscale () /

Once enabled, he was able to focus at a distance of 40 mm.

I did not have big problems with the Honor 20 Pro camera in general. I would not like anything like replacing it as my stand-alone camera, but the quality of its photographs was in line with what we expected from a phone in this price range. , Recently, we are on Google, Google, Google, Google, Barbell bar up, mid-mid-mid-mid-mid-mid to mid-launch with the launch of of of of of The Honor 20 Pro camera is not terrible, but the Pixel 3A is much better, and it could be a better option if the quality of your image is important to you. But it's hard to say that the versatility of the 20 Pro's multiple camera lends itself to the Pixel 3A's unique trigger. "data-upload-width =" 2040 "src =" ( 0x0: 2040x1360) no_upscale () /

The hole cutter for the selfie camera is small with only 4.5 mm.

On the front of the device, it has a 6.26-inch 2340 x 1080 LCD screen with a small 4.5 mm cutout on the top left of the selfie camera. If you are the type of person who opposes a phone with a little bevel, then you will immediately notice the bottom of the Honor 20 Pro screen. The screen is bright and vivid, and although it may be a touch oversaturated in its mode "Vivid" predetermined, I prefer this to the slight orange tone that the screen had while it was in the "Normal" alternative mode.

Instead of opting for the fingerprint sensor mounted on the back of the Honor View 20 or the secondary screen sensor of the Huawei P30 Pro, the Honor was with a fingerprint sensor mounted laterally for the Honor 20 Pro. Initially, it had doubts about the location, but it exceeded my expectations. Not only did I pick up my fingerprint every time it was fast, but it was also easily accessible when the phone was on a desk, which is not a true sensor or mounted on the back. The only real problem I had with this location was that it took me a little longer because I had to register my thumbs and middle fingers instead of just my two index fingers, but this is a one-time problem that is unlikely It bothers you in the long term When you combine the power button with a fingerprint scanner, the unexpected side effect is never seen in the lock screen, but I do not think you miss anything as a result. "data-upload-width =" 2040 "src =" focal (0x0: 2040x1360) no_upscale () /

The side-mounted fingerprint sensor is surprisingly capable.

Internally, the Honor 20 Pro is as powerful as any of Huawei's current flagships. It is built on the same Kirin 980 processor as the Huawei P30 Pro and comes with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage (the Honor 20 reduces these specifications to 6 GB or RAM and 128 GB of storage). In effect, this means that the Honor 20 Pro is a fast phone to use, with a lot of power to handle demanding games alike Fortnite. When I played the Epic game on the device, the highest "epic" graphics configuration was automatically set and executed at a speed of 30 fps. In the future, Honor has confirmed that the phone will be updated to allow it to run Fortnite at 60 fps, like the Honor View 20.

The two new Honor phones run on the company's magical user interface, which is very similar to the EMUI launcher used in Huawei phones. Both launchers diverge significantly from what we consider Android, eliminating the application drawer and enabling more aggressive battery saving options by default. Compared to my recent time with the Honor 10 Lite, Magic UI in the Honor 20 Pro does not seem so aggressive. I did not find it consistently closing useful applications in the background, and the two annotation notifications I received about a power-intensive application and HiCare were easily discarded and silenced for the future. But one of the biggest advantages of Android over iOS has always been the application drawer, and I'm not ready to give up. I tried to solve the problem when installing Nova Launcher, but I discovered that the software had some errors, especially when it came to multiple tasks. I also never stopped losing the ability of Google Pixels to quickly move between recent applications. "data-upload-width =" 2040 "src =" ( 0x0: 2040x1360) no_upscale () /

There is a USB-C port to charge, but unfortunately, there is no headphone jack.

Despite the apparently less aggressive battery saving software, the Honor 20 Pro's battery lasts a long time between charges. The Pro model is equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery, while the Honor 20 standard reduces up to 3,750 mAh. I never had any problems with using a full day of phone use, despite using it for a full day of Twitter, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube and reading Pocket articles. It is regularly the day with 30 percent remaining on the device. Both the 20 and the 20 Pro support fast charging through their USB-C ports of up to 22.5W, Honor claims can restore 50 percent of the phone's load in 30 minutes, but here there is no support for the wireless charging.

As the flagship phone of a budget sub-brand, the Honor 20 Pro was always going to be a place in the smartphone market. But now that this is the first phone made by Huawei to be launched after the announcement of Google, this rarity is now on another level.

If you were buying a phone based solely on what you can do at launch, then here are many things that I like with a high-end processor that is great for games, great battery life and a large, bright screen. But few people buy a phone without any expectation of future support. They will acquire new functions as they are published and security solutions will be delivered promptly when they become available. For the moment, Honor has not been able to conclusively answer these questions about the Honor 20 and the Honor 20 Pro, and that means that these phones have practically reached the worst possible moment.

Honor says both the Honor 20 and the Honor 20 will be available soon, and the Honor 20 Pro is expected to launch sometime in June / July. Honor and has not yet announced officially in which countries will be launched the two phones, although it is likely that the release of the announced prices will be published throughout Europe, including in the United Kingdom.

Photograph by Jon Porter / The Verge

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