The Hon Mega Starters: A Crystal Ball on the Upcoming Mega Starter Pack

Hoenn mega debut by rueprez

Beginning from every generation There are some of the most widely recognized and popular Pokemon in any meta.

These are usually Pokémon that ‘start’ one, marking the beginning of catching them all!

It also helps that starter Pokémon have powerhouses and should naturally be the recipients of Mega Evolution, through long and strong bonds that trainers develop and nurture with their beginnings. Mega Evolution, by Vidya, is a result of the bond a trainer shares with his Pokemon.

However, out of 8 generations Pokémon, only two have been blessed with mega evolving beginnings: The Kanto (1st gen) and Hoin (3rd gen) regions.

Mega development of Kanto beginnings are already live Pokémon Go, and their powers have undoubtedly amazed us.

If you think a blast burn from Mega Charizard Y is devastating (ATK Stat 319), then you have no idea what Hone will bring!

For this matter, even Mega Venusaur and Blastoise will be rocked to the core by bringing their Hoin counterparts to the table.

So, are Kanto mega starters completely defeated by hon stalwarts?

Just how strong are Mega Sceptile, Blaziken and Swampert?

This write-up provides a comprehensive deco on mega-developed HoN starters and provides you with a well-defined clarity on what you should see next.

pay attention: Hoin starters will be evaluated purely based on their primary typing, Grass, The fire And Water. However, reference will certainly be made to their secondary typing.

Hoenn Starter Mega Evolution

Mega Sceptile

Max CP 4056
Atk 320 DEF 186 Hp 172
Weak strong against
ice Python The angel Flying Poison The bug Python Earth Rock Water

Mega Sceptile 320 comes with ATK stat which attaches to everything else Grass Type to shame.

Unlike Mega Venusaur, Mega Asceptile is very fragile and hosts weaknesses to boot.

While Mega Winsure has evolved into a more consistent Mega Grass Thus, Mega Sceptile is a major factor to its credit …


The fast move Bullet Seed received a welcome update, giving it better energy than the Wine Whip.

So while the Mega Septile Bullet Seed will receive energy faster than the Mega Vensaur’s Wine Whip and the dreaded Frenzy Plant will get it quicker, This is not the only reason that Mega Sceptile becomes more and more rounded Grass Type threat.

Can you understand…

Mega Sceptile gets access to another Grass Type trick that puts it on a different grass level altogether!

you guessed it.

leaf blade.

With a very acceptable 70 DMG and low energy costs in both PvP (35 energy) and PvE (3-bar, 33 energy), the Mega Sceptile can spam leaf blades at the blink of an eye and as an existential crisis Serve Pokémon that are vulnerable to it.

Additionally, it is worth noting that Mega Sceptile is also a Python Dragon Claw, types and learns, a charge move that can be spammed with low EPS fast moves like a bullet seed. Supported with STAB, Dragon Claw from Mega Cyptile is nothing to take lightly.

But, he Python Typing mega septiles gives a very special token…

It now resists triple Water Typing, making Mega Sceptile the # 1 counter Water type Pokémon.

It is a double-edged sword, however, in any form ice Type from anyone Water Type OHKO Mega Sceptile Right Now, courtesy of its 4x weakness ice And naturally bulk bulk.

So Mega Sceptile vines as a tricky down (sentence intended) To use Pokémon. Despite its flaws, when used properly, this jungle dragon can cut any Pokémon to size with its swift and ‘blink and you miss’ move. This undoubtedly makes the Mega Septile an exciting possibility for any trainer to rely on hyper aggressive combat strategies.

A kick-ass Christmas tree that hurts.

Mega Blaziken

Max cp 4162
ATK 329 DEF 168 Hp 190
Weak strong against
Flying Earth Mental Water The bug Grass ice Steel dark Rock Simple

The giant destructive Mega Charizzard Y has an ATK statue of 319.

Well, Mega Blaziken has an ATK stat of 329.

Evergreen The fire Combining Fire Spin and Blast Burn, Mega Blaziken is the # 1 hands-down The fire Type monster in the game.

The fire The type has always been a very good offensive typing with super-effective damage against the best defensive typing in the meta: a Steel types of.

Add to trusted fight Type in the mix, and things just heat up!

It is a well established fact that fight Type fast move, counter, is one of the best fast moves out there.

Mega Blaziken has a counter as well as a low energy and decently powered Blaze Kick.

All this is definitely the best counter to Mega Blaziken Steel Types, which always run extensively in meta.

It is worth noting that the Mega Blaziken goes downhill when it arrives in bulk. Even Mega Charizard Y is wholesale. But that shouldn’t really be the case …

The only purpose of Mega Blaziken is to come to the battlefield, melting and leaving the meta. as simple as that;

Mega Blaziken’s Blast Burn is an absolute nugget. When opposed, its damage is still significant.

A really explosive Pokémon that show why KFC (kung-fu chicken) should be your favorite indulgence.

Mega Swampert

Max CP 4401
ATK 283 DEF 218 Hp 225
Weak strong against
Grass The fire Earth Rock Lightning Poison Steel

Remember “I heard you like Mudkipaz” Mam?

Well, it was a meme before it was even a thing and when Mega Swamp was released, the meme evolved “I heard you like murder”.


Mega Swampert looks like Swampert on steroids and this is how fleshy fish work.

I mentioned that it intended to focus on the primary typing of write-up starters, but I think I would make an exception for Mega Swampert.

Fair enough?

If not, try to remember if a mud shot and hydro cannon swampt are enabled!

Swampert is probably the only one Pokémon is at the top level in all three PvP leagues and it is sheer magic to take that place to another level.

While Mega Swampert’s ATK stati is lower than both Mega Sceptile and Mega Blaziken, you can see that it has the most well-rounded stats among Hoen starters.

For one, a 283 ATK State Hydro Hydro Cannon is a weapon of mass destruction. Well supported with solid defense and bulk, it is easy to see why the Mega Swampert has the highest maximum CP of the three.

In addition, Mega Swampert can be used effectively on both an offensive and defensive role. A single type of weakness is a major blessing in any scenario.

Mega Blastoise is a very good A great addition to Pokémon and Meta. But Mega Swampert is very versatile right now. Secondary Earth Typing gives it an extra super-effective advantage against the famous Steel types of.

Mega Swampert, even when not classified as a starter, is a Swiss Army knife. Use this to ensure complete domination.

Just look! A fish that can kill you to the pulp and should not be played with! (Yes Drakovish, it’s time for Mega Swampert)

The conclusion

Hoin Starters have always been regarded as the best starter trio in the meta (the Galar Starter Trio is giving a massive competition, but let’s save up for later!)

Their mega evolution was icing on the cake and needless to say that these three would play an important role Pokémon Go Meta.

I think Mega Swampert is projected to have the most impact on Meta as it is a complete package that has everything right for it.

However it doesn’t take anything away for the other two mega hoenn beginners!

Each of the three is an animal in itself and to answer the pressing question…

Yes, Hon Starter Megas crowns for Best Mega Starter Trio.