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The home of Roy Moore accuser Tina Johnson was destroyed by fire. It is being investigated as provoked.

The house of Tina Johnson, who accused the former US Senate candidate Roy Moore of having groped her, was destroyed on Wednesday in a fire that is being investigated as an act of fire, although officials say they do not believe it is related with Moore.

Johnson's house on Lake Mary Louise Road in Gadsden, Alabama, caught fire Wednesday morning while she and her husband were at work and while their grandson was at school.

"I'm devastated, just devastated," Johnson AL.com said Friday morning. "We just have the clothes on our backs."

Johnson is one of many women who came forward in November with stories of questionable behavior or alleged sexual misconduct on the part of Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama. Johnson told AL.com in November that during a visit to Moore's office in 1991, when she was 28, she made several inappropriate comments and then threw it away when she left. Moore was 44 years old and was married at that time. Moore denied the accusations and lost the December 13 race against Democrat Doug Jones.

Natalie Barton, public information officer of the Etowah County Sheriff's Department, said officials are talking to a person of interest and that the ongoing investigation "does not lead us to believe that the fire is related to Roy Moore or the accusations made against him. "

Neighbors and some public service workers called 911 at approximately 8 a. m. But when the fire died down, all of Johnson's and his family's belongings were destroyed, according to AL.com.

No one seemed to be injured in the fire.

Johnson and his family currently live in a motel, according to AL.com.

She told AL.com that law enforcement officers have not yet told her how the fire started, except that it started at the back of the house.

Johnson could not be reached immediately for comment.

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