The head of Chicago’s police union cites Capitol riots as an “inconvenience”

The chief of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police opened fire, saying that the rioters who attacked the US Capitol on Wednesday were not violent and described the incidents as nothing more than “inconvenience”. John Catalanara told WBEZ that he would not attend “protests”, but believes the election was stolen and the rioters’ action was justified. “If the worst crime here is atrocity, then so be it.” But calling these people traitors is ridiculous and beyond ignorant, ”Katznara told the outlet. Instead, Katznara said he believed Wednesday’s riot was “very different from what happened in Democratic-run cities all summer long in the country and no one had a problem with it,” police In response to the Black Lives Matter protests. Cruelty and the police murders of George Floyd and Bryo Taylor. Katzanara was elected president of the city’s Fraternal Order of Police in May, representing 12,000 Chicago police officers. In 2017 he was disciplined for making public his support of President Trump and in December he faced possible firing on inappropriate social media posts, stating that all Muslims “deserve a bullet.”

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