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The guard of Syracuse, Frank Howard, about his performance in nine installments: "It will not happen again"

New York – Frank Howard joined an illustrious company on Tuesday night.

In Syracuse's 72-63 win over Connecticut at Madison Square Garden, Orange's point guard converted the ball nine times, joining players like Pearl. Washington, Hakim Warrick and Jason Hart.

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Nine turnovers.

Before the Tuesday night game, only six Syracuse players had had up to nine turnovers in a game. Washington had 11 against Georgetown in the 1986 Great Eastern Tournament. That's the ultimate in Syracuse's history.

On Tuesday, Howard accused, walked and got into the SU registry book.

"I'll start by saying it will not happen again," Howard said. in the dressing room of the SU after the Orange stopped the Huskies for a victory of 72-63. "I'm proud of the way we play and the way we fight against adversity, that's all I care about is getting the victory." # 19659002 Howard's terrible night was not limited He lost nine of his 10 field goal attempts, including three three-pointers, finishing the game with five points and five assists low in season.

But the most revealing statistic for Howard could have been This: He played 39 minutes, you do not return the ball more than nine times unless you're on the court for most of the game, which is why players like Eric Devendorf and Billy Owens had nine turnovers in a game.

] Despite all his problems, Howard stayed in the game, coming off the field for just over a minute in the middle of the first half, a sign of his development and the confidence of the Syracuse coaches in him.

"Frank played very well all the or "said SU coach Jim Boeheim. "He just had a bad game, he had a really bad game, I do not think it's going to happen again, it's a good learning experience for him."

A year ago, Howard started the season as Initial owner of Syracuse, but he lacked confidence and showed losses in South Carolina, Georgetown and, ahem, UConn.

When Howard had problems, Boeheim would take him out of the game, sometimes he would not return to the court. starting position against John Gillon

This year, however, is different, Howard is a young man on a team without other experienced players besides the second Tyus Battle, one of the pillars on which this Syracuse team is based

"I think the most important thing about tonight is that we believe in him," said SU assistant coach Gerry McNamara, who works with the team's guards. He has proved himself. We believe that at any time of the game, he can take control of him. Not only the ability to score, but also the ability to control the game. "

Howard did not control the game on Tuesday, he let the smaller UConn guards bother him.

" His guards had a lot of pressure on him. the ball and they accelerated me, "said Howard." They played a great defense. I have to give them to them. "

Howard let one bad play turn into another against UConn, he made a mistake, then pressed, he tried to get a bad play by making two big plays instead of just making one correct play.

"His biggest problem tonight was controlling possessions and getting people involved," said McNamara. "He's done a great job with that. this year. That was the most important thing. Make our boys get involved and let the offense flow naturally, which he did early. So you're trying to make some extra plays at the same time because things are not going well. That's part of your process & # 39; & # 39;

Howard was quick to remember that, although he is the oldest statesman in Syracuse, he is learning like the rest of Orange mixed with peaches.

"As I said at the beginning of the year, I'm learning as much as anyone else," said Howard. "I felt a little frustrated instead of being calm."

After the game, reporters surrounded Matthew Moyer, who had scored his career record 18 points. Battle also had a press gang around him after scoring 22 points, his team tallest.

A handful of reporters approached Howard. He sat in front of his dressing room, wrapped in a towel and periodically drying his face or hair, and answered all the questions about his bad night.

Howard remembered Orange's game against UConn last year at the Garden. He missed his nine shots. He had three assists and two turnovers in 27 minutes when Naranja lost 52-50.

"I'm really proud of tonight's victory," said Howard. "It was a bad game for me, losing the ball and going bad, I'll put this one behind me, we have the victory, it's not like last year, it had the one that hung over my head when we got the loss, just put it behind me. & # 39; & # 39;

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