‘The Great British Baking Show’ Secretly Filmed During The Quentin, Here’s

Feel like fans of The Great British Baking Show A season is happening in 2020 after all. When the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic began to spread throughout the world, it stopped film and television productions. As the virus outbreak continues as the vaccine is not available, companies have had to come up with ways to make the set safer for their artists and employees.

since The Great British Baking Show In a white tent full of ovens, shared space, and cooking supplies made it a tough challenge for the BBC and Love Productions.

However, it seems that the companies are in line with their thinking and Paul Hollywood, Pru Leth, as well as hosts Noel Fielding and Sandy Toxvig are back with new competitors and everyone is ready to make a dent.

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This is why ‘The Great British Baking Show’ is filmed in a white tent

Main issue with filming The Great British Baking Show Among COVID-19 is that the white tent poses a great health risk. When the series premiered a decade ago, executive producer Anne Beatty was looking for a certain vibe and beauty to the series.

According to Massed, Beatty landed on a “village fetus” theme. Every year, the magnificent white tent is erected in Wellford Park, Berkshire. However, as we know, the temperature in the tent is unpredictable and uncontrollable. It has very little ventilation which certainly seems as far as coronovirus is concerned.

Since the tent is usually full, there were at least 12 contestants, as well as judges, hosts and crew members with very little space in a week. Living six-feet apart will be very challenging.

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This is how ‘The Great British Baking Show’ is secretly filmed

Despite the challenges, it seems that the BBC and Love Productions have introduced a clever way into the film, ensuring the safety of all. Typically, the contestants of the series already have a ton of odds before they can snag one place in the competition.

Super is an eight-page long application filled with specific questions. Then, there is a comprehensive interview consisting of a 45-minute phone interview, making two baked goods, completing a screen test, and an in-person interview with a producer. If a contestant makes it past that, they have an in-person culinary audition, and a meeting with a psychologist will ensure that they can be filmed for 16 hours a day.

This year the contestants had to go through an extra step. They were already filming when production was halted. According to Deadline, now that filming has been resumed for two weeks, the crew, contestants and judges were all separated before they started filming. Also, the set was moved to a different location to make quarantine easier.

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Here when ‘The Great British Baking Show’ will have a new season

Apparently, fans who are staying at home are thrilled with the news, however, we’re still not sure when a new season will take place Great British Baking Show Will debut. Sky Studios Chief Commercial Officer Jane Milichip told Deadline, that UK fans can watch the new season before the end of the year.

However, fans in the US who rely on Netflix to watch may have to wait until 2021.

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