The Gran Turismo 7 will be more like a classic GT title, says Kazunori Yamuchi

Kazunori Yamuchi has reaffirmed Gran Turismo ismo The cast of previous games in the series will have a main sequel title.

Polyphony Digital Studio chief Octane was speaking in an interview published earlier today with Japanese journalist Toshifumi Watanabe. While the conversation largely focused on scapes, there was plenty of time to talk about the PlayStation 5, Gran Turismo 7, and the “royal purpose” of the series.

One of the questions asked by Watanabe refers to Gran Turismo’s identity and his future. Although Yamuchi would not be drawn on the latter, he made special mention of how Japanese car culture had an influence on the original Gran Turismo, and how it served as a motive behind the series.

Yamuchi said, “I myself grew up as a car enthusiast surrounded by the influence of Japanese automobile manufacturers and the transmission of automobile media,” and it is also the inspiration behind my production. Although the title has been played around the world, I have never forgotten that it originated in Japan, and I now have a sense of responsibility and mission in inheriting Japanese automobile culture. “

Interestingly, Yamuchi acknowledges that fans may not always consider how Gran Turismo games change from generation to generation. That applies in particular Gran Turismo Sport, And his innings in esport. “This may seem quite insulting to some people!” He commented, and noted that support for the game increased in a different way to previous titles, gaining more momentum later in his life.

Sport mode then, as we have seen Gran Turismo ismo The trailer last July, still has a lead role, but Gt7 Would be indifferent to those who played previous games. Elements like “are inherited [FIA] Realized the championship sport, Gran Turismo ismo As full versions return to the royal purpose [Gran Turismo] 1-4, and currently provide the best gran tourism experience, ”says Yamuchi.

Of course we’ve heard before Gt7 Gran will be a combination of “past, present and future” of Tourismo, so this reinforcement comes as music to the ears of those fans of the classic GT game.

The interview also features a field such as the Pebble Beach Concourse de-elegance, on which Yamuchi has been a guest judge for 11 years, and the PS5’s real-time ray-tracing capability. You can read the full article – in Japanese – on the Octane Japan website.

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