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The government has just closed. What happens next?

So, what happens next? Here is a summary of what will happen if the government remains closed.

Thousands of federal employees will be suspended, which means they will not show up for work on Monday. Whoever works for agencies and departments that are considered non-essential, including agencies that pay small business loans and process passport applications, will cease to function with immediate effect until Congress can agree to a bill for the federal budget.

these departments would be placed on "license". In previous closings, all those who stayed at home were paid retroactively after reaching an agreement in Washington.

At the peak of the 2013 government shutdown, some 850,000 employees were suspended per day, according to the Office of Management and Budget. [19659002]

White House

The White House said Friday that 1,056 members of the President's Executive Office would be suspended, and 659, deemed essential, would continue to report to work.

Furloughed's staff is still expected to show up for duty on Monday, the White House said in a contingency plan posted on its website on Friday. But they can stay for no more than four hours to participate in "closing activities," such as setting up messages outside the office or explaining how to carry out duties to colleagues who are not retired.


military is considered essential and will still be reported for duty. However, troops, including those in combat, may not receive payments during the closure.

If the closure continues for weeks, it is expected that approximately 1.3 million active service military will potentially work without pay. Currently, the military is paid until February 1.

In addition, many civilian employees of the Department of Defense will not work during the closure, including instructors from military academies and maintenance contractors.

Special adviser

[19659002] Robert Mueller's special investigation team in Russia will continue to operate, a spokesman for the Department of Justice told CNN

"All employees of the Office of the Special Adviser are considered exempt and would continue their operations in the event of a delay in assignments. " said the spokesperson.

National Parks and Weapons Permits

If you had vacation plans to visit national parks, zoos or museums, some of them could be closed.

The popular Panda cameras of the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington will be turned off, according to a statement from the Smithsonian Institution. Visitors can still visit the National Zoo, as well as the Smithsonian museums, during the weekend. But the zoo and the museums would be closed as of Monday.

The closure will also affect the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which means that if you wanted a weapon permit, you will have to wait until the closure is completed.

TSA, air traffic control and mail services

Essential services, such as Social Security, air traffic control and Transportation Security Administration, will continue to be funded even if some employees of those agencies are not.

The US Postal Service UU will not stop providing services to residents. You will continue to receive your mail.

Services of the City of DC

In 2013, the closure especially affected residents of Washington. But this time, Mayor Muriel Bowser swore that the services in the city will continue, unlike the last time.

"Washington, DC, is open," Bowser said in a statement released on Friday. "The DC government will continue to provide services to our residents, the services they expect and deserve, uninterrupted."

National Mall

Bowser also said that the city plans to help the federal government maintain the Mall.

"I have called my agencies, where we can, to intervene for the federal government" He said during the press conference. "The National Mall is operated by the National Park Service, and there are many other National Service Park properties throughout Washington, DC … we will intervene and ensure that trash and garbage are collected along the National Mall to keep the garden of the debris nation ".

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