The GOP sees pressure on Pelosi as pandemic relief deal

Senate Republicans see pressure Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosibiden Announces Anniversary of Violence Against Women Act, Trump and McConnell Show on Sunday – Trump Team Defends Coronovirus Response GOP Chair Defends Trump Message on Mask: ‘To Say We Know Should be, now we’re not really fair ‘more (D-California.) As a key to getting a deal on the coronovirus relief bill before the election, and relying on weak House Democrats and House speakers to meet her demand for a package costing more than $ 2 trillion to move to.

GOP lawmakers say last week’s procedural vote to pursue a $ 500 billion to $ 700 billion relief plan – which a Republican senator endorsed and all Democrats opposed – gave political cover to their vulnerable incumbents and The Democrats on the defensive were designed to cast votes.

A Republican senator familiar with the party’s strategy said last week’s vote was much more of Pelosi’s focus than the Senate minority leader’s Charles SchumerChuck Schumersunde Show – Trump Team Defends Coronovirus Response Economist Moore Calls Pelosi, Schumer Stimulates McConnell: Chance for Coronavirus Deal ‘Not Feeling Good’ (DN.Y.), who need not worry too much about protecting weak allies.

“The question is whether or not Pelosi has forced its 20 members to be heard in districts where the Chamber of Commerce has supported Democrats,” the lawmaker said.

The US Chamber of Commerce circulated a memo earlier this month, intending to support 23 first-term House Democrats.

“Schumer was not pressurized at all. It is all on Pelosi. Pelosi’s show is going on, ”the senator said, noting that 117 House Democrats signed a letter to Pelosi last month asking him to take the Labor Relief and Safety Act.

The bill would expand federal unemployment assistance to $ 600 per week for the duration of the coronovirus epidemic and adjust the weekly federal unemployment compensation amount and available benefit week at state unemployment rates.

“If he gets more and more pressure from those people, he could be forced to meet with Mnuchin,” the GOP senator said.

Republican leaders feel that if the liberal House Democrats last a little longer, Pelosi would be more willing to cut a deal.

Pelosi said Friday afternoon that he is hopeful about the deal despite growing suspicion among other lawmakers.

“I’m completely optimistic,” she insisted in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “I’m optimistic. I think we should make an agreement, that’s what we want.”

But she repeated that she would oppose one President TrumpDonald John Trumpcrad aims to ‘stop chanting’ Obama ‘during Trump’s rally. Nevada Governor: Trump is’ reckless and selfish action ‘in Michigan rally, Lieutenant Governor blasts Trump’s response to Coronavirus virus: He’s a’ Is a liar who has killed people.As long as food aid and eviction protection are not part of the deal, Americans receive $ 75, $ 1,200 discounted preferences to earn up to $ 75,000.

Trump has joined the pressure campaign. On Friday, he accused Pelosi of making an incentive deal to “bail out” blue states.

“Pelosi and Schumer want billions of billions of dollars of money for the Blue States, both financially and in terms of high crime, as a prerequisite to a deal on incentives – but the USA is coming back strong! ” He tweeted.

Pelosi quickly dismissed Salvo as “pathetic”.

In recent weeks, when the Treasury Secretary Steven MnuchinSteven Turner MnuchinBattle Confuses Democratic Shutdown Strategy Over Time Overnight Health Care: McConnell: ‘Not looking good right now’ opportunity for coronovirus deal | Fauci disagrees with Trump, saying US targets ‘final turn’ on pandemic: NIH director ‘disappointed’ by Trump’s lack of mask at Trump’s rally: McConnell: ‘It doesn’t look good right now’ for coronovirus deal Pelosi has responded, reaching out to Democratic leaders in an effort to resume talks.

Pelosi has several times told White House negotiator, Chief White Monechin, that the White House should be willing to accept a package of more than $ 2 trillion for Democrats.

He said that we are ready to go up to $ 2.2 trillion earlier this month.

On Thursday, she said she thinks Mnuchin would agree to spend more than the $ 1.1 trillion spending limit that she and Senate Republicans agreed to in July.

At the House hearing earlier this month, Munnuchin called for $ 1.5 trillion as a possible number.

Senate Republican colleagues have focused their talking points on Pelosi, highlighting comments from liberal Democrats who express growing concern over the lack of a deal.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnellEdison (Mitch) Michelle McConnellbiden announces violence anniversary against Women’s Act, Trump and McConnell fight over time complicates Democratic shutdown strategy Economist Moore calls on Pelosi, Schumer calls for ‘stymulate deadlock’ done deal.A report call from Pelosi and Schumer on Friday prompted the Office (R-Q) office to be impatient to get a deal, in an effort to address the concerns of the House Democrats.

Pelosi on Thursday asserted against the notion that 52 Senate Republicans voted for a paraded-down coronovirus relief bill, putting more pressure on him. The legislation failed to move forward as it fell short of the 60 votes needed to pass the Democratic filibuster.

He said that the Republican bill does little to overcome the nation’s epidemic.

“I think McConnell is getting into his cynicism by saying, ‘I’ll just put something over there. It’ll look like we’re trying to do something, while we’re ignoring the needs of the American people.’

She dismissed the vote as merely a tactic to “check the box” with voters.

Republicans saw Schumer as less susceptible to pressure because Senate Democrats only had to defend 12 seats in November, and none of those incumbents are in the toss-up race.

The two most endangered Senate Democrats are Censor Doug Jones (Ala.) And Gary petersGary Charles Peterskongress needs to finalize the space weather bill as Biden, Obama-era investigation next week shelters Senate panel to endanger solar storms to authorize Hilton Valley: Russia mails Increased ‘concerns’ from these voting to undermining elections. Facebook and Twitter took steps to limit Trump’s comments on voting. Facebook to stop political advertisements before elections (Meech.). Jones is already trailing badly in elections, while Peter is seen as a “lean Democrat” race favorite to win in non-partisan Cook political report rates.

Despite the pressure campaign on Pelosi, Republican leaders are unsure whether it will work, given the personal animosity between Trump and the president.

Trump regularly celebrates Pelosi as “crazy”, while Pelosi has called the president “immoral, immoral, corrupt and inconsistent” and led to his impeachment in the House last year.

Pelosi said Friday that she does not speak directly to Trump “because I don’t know any reason.”

He said, “No, what we say has validity.”

McConnell admitted on Friday that he was growing pessimistic about a breakthrough.

“I wish I could tell you that we were going to get another package, but it just doesn’t look good,” he told constituents in Kentucky.

Adding to the sense of pessimism on Capitol Hill commemorates the 35-day government shutdown between late 2018 and early 2019. Relations between Trump and Pelosi were so sour during the deadlock that members of a special bipartisan committee of the Senate and House had to step in to negotiate a solution.

However, some legalists feel that the failed Senate Republican bill paves the way for a new round of negotiations.

“This is the McConnell script we’ve seen many times before – a Take-It-Leave-It bill from Republicans that claims a downward bipartisanship. Usually when negotiations begin,” Senate Democratic Whip said Dick durbinRichard (Dick) Joseph Durbinbelt complicates Democratic shutdown strategy over time. GOP senators say coronovirus is killed after the election until Senate Democrat Bill Talibani presents bill to approve Russians on rewards We do (Sick.).