The Google Home app now lets you import Google Wifi networks

With the introduction of Nest WiFi, the Google Home app added several controls to manage your network. While Google Wifi devices are capable of achieving this helpful integration, the required factory reset is an inconvenience. Fortunately, the Google Home app is now adding support for importing Wifi networks.

The Google Home app lets you perform network speed tests and see what devices are connected. With speakers, users can also manage Wi-Fi and guest networks. Meanwhile, WIFI products can also be controlled by assistants, while smart displays are able to show guest Wi-Fi passwords.

New Nest WiFi routers get this integration automatically, but Google Wifi units require you to reset the entire network and reset it with the Google Home app.

This has been the case since last year, but the Google Home app is now adding an “import” feature:

Import your Wi-Fi network with the Google Wifi app so that you can manage your network and other connected devices in one place. Use Google Assistant such as stop Wi-Fi, check your Internet speed, and show your guest Wi-Fi password on a smart display.

We reached out to Google for more information.

At the moment, advanced network settings require the standalone Google Wifi app, but all primary interactions can otherwise be handled by the Home app.

Google says that it is starting on new days, with the iOS app version starting at 2.26.111. Home for Android client has not yet been updated.

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