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The giants still do not know anything about the skills of Davis Webb

It took some tears for Eli, the outrage of Big Blue Nation, then Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese had their key cards revoked – they should check with Tom Coughlin how to retain their gym membership at the Giants facility – and things They have returned to normal.

As normal things are with a 2-10 team that has their bags packed for the next boat trip from Odell Beckham to Miami after having a drink with the Biebs.

The Giants are still a horrible team, Manning successfully pressed to regain his position as a starting quarterback and once again have no plans to get rookie Davis Webb playing time in a lost season.

Ben McAdoo's poor execution of his quarterback plan last week enraged the Giants fans. He started the Jets with the release of Geno Smith when Manning refused to play alone in the first half, but at least McAdoo had the intention of taking Webb to the field in the last month of the season.

That would allow the Giants to determine if he has the potential to allow them to pass over Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen with what is now the second pick in the 2018 draft and take Penn State running back Saquon Barkley, or face an embarrassment of riches in picks.

So, while succumbing to Manning's power play to get his job back after McAdoo was canned it was necessary to avoid a riot at MetLife Stadium for this week's game against Dallas, it was disturbing to hear interim coach Steve Spagnuolo say at his first press conference on Wednesday that the only plan on the table is for Manning to start.

  The only way the Giants can move to Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen is if they think Davis Webb is a hidden third-round gem like Russell Wilson.

The only way that Gian ts can pass to Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen if they think Davis Webb is a hidden third-round gem like Russell Wilson.

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"The number one approach at the moment is to discover a way to beat the Dallas Cowboys, I can tell you that," Spagnuolo said. "And, every week we will talk about those other things, but now, in the midst of everything that is happening with the changes and what is not, small tweaks here and there, the focus will continue to be to beat the Dallas Cowboys."

Spags He said it was with his "instinct" in Manning's selection.

Great instincts.

There was no way I could start Smith and risk another fan fuss and Webb was not ready yet. Smith will be number 2 this week with no indication of when Webb will move up. Only one thing is certain: Smith is not the future of the Giants.

Manning did not waste time making sure that his unique game as a reserve was an aberration of a game. Not long after McAdoo was fired on Monday, Manning was within earshot of Spags to tell him he wanted his job back. Spags is in a four-week audition for the head coaching job – his No. 32 defense and the suspension of two of his players this season for breaking team rules will not look good on his resume – and he needs to win matches. 19659015] (New York Daily News)

"He walked into my office, I'll tell you this, and as a coach, you want all players to walk into your office with the intention, determination and determination he has." Spagnuolo said. "So I respect it."

Manning is a smart guy and knows that Spagnuolo, who interviewed to replace Coughlin two years ago but lost to McAdoo, needed to put fans on his side after the pro-Eli excitement spilled across the city last week.

"I let him know that I do want to play," said Manning. "I want to be the starting quarterback." I want to be there and I wanted to make sure he knew. He said he was going to think about it and talk to the coaches, but his instinct was that I would be the starting quarterback and I'm happy it was with that decision and that he has faith in me that we can go with this football game . . "

Spagnuolo had just 10-38 in three years as the Rams coach since 2009-11 – records of 2-14, 7-9 and 1-15 – and to keep the job he should probably beat the Cowboys and Eagles at home, the Cardinals on the road and Washington at home, to get the attention of Mara and Steve Tisch and the new general manager, probably Dave Gettleman, who was the Giants' professional personnel director when Spags was on the team Coughlin in 2007 -08 and helped win a Super Bowl.

"One of the main approaches was to ask the boys to come to work when they enter the building, when they come to work, hoping to win," said Spags. it's how they should work. "Forget about what happened before, let's keep going into the building ready to work every day and hoping to win."

The degradation of Manning last week caused an incredible flow of fans, teammates and former teammates. Eli was very excited in front of his locker last week and then he read letters and texts from the heart. All this made him feel loved, but it does not help much to discover who will be the Giants quarterback, perhaps in 2018.

Smith was not happy when Spagnuolo told him he would return to Manning. He played well enough in Oakland to have the opportunity to sign as a substitute with another team next year. One of the first questions that Mara did to Spagnuolo after naming him interim coach was who was going to start. He made the most logical and said Manning.

The problem is that the Giants do not know anything about Webb. They owe it to Gettleman or whoever is the new general manager to allow Webb to accumulate gaming tape so it can be properly evaluated.

Although Spags said he has not yet discussed what to do with Smith or Webb with the offensive coaches of the last month of the season, Webb was not discouraged as the plan changed once again back to no plan.

"It does not depend on me," he said. "I do not have to choose and choose what happens, all I have to do is control what I can control."

The Giants have not had a selection of the top five recruits since 2004 and would like it to be another 14 years before it happens again The only way they can pass on to Darnold or Rosen is if they think Webb is a gem of third round like Russell Wilson.

Maybe Mara should invent the rotation of field marshals.

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