The Giants rebuild the defensive zone – how will the pieces fit?

After losing DeAndre Baker, Sam Beal and Xavier McKinney, the New York Giants are remaking their defensive secondary on the fly with the start of the regular season just a week away.

The Giants included Logan Ryan and Brandon Williams in free agency during the final week of training camp, made a trade with the Denver Broncos for Isaac Yiadom and claimed safety Adrian Colbert on Sunday.

How are all these new pieces going to fit? Can they possibly be ready to play as a cohesive unit in seven days?

“We’ll have to wait and see,” coach Joe Judge said Sunday. “I can’t answer that right now, but we’re definitely going to give them all the information we can make sure that we put them in a position to play to their strengths.”

The judge, we have already learned, is secretive about personnel and plans. He was generally unclear on Sunday when asked who would play the cornerback in front of James Bradberry.

“we are going to watch. Right now, we want our players to play more and more at those places. Keep them fresh and rotate, ”the judge said. “One thing we haven’t done yet is a prescription game or a regular season game. We’re going to make sure that we use all our friends, roll them through ourselves, and we’ll see who performs best. Whichever is the hot hand, we can go together, but we are going to make sure that we keep meeting them and keep the group experience as a whole. “

Can the Giants really use some sort of defensive back rotation? Considering all the new pieces, this is probably the only way they actually have a true reading.

Let’s assess new pieces of secondary and see if we can figure out some clues where they might fit.

The judge was asked a natural question when the news broke that the Giants had signed the veteran defensive back after months of speculation that Ryan and the Giant looked like a natural fit. Is Ryan in a corner or a safety for the Giants?

He is likely to have both.

He said, ‘He is going to play a variety of roles for us, so if I have given you an answer, I would be lying. Logan, one of his strengths is truly versatility. We are going to play it in different packages across the region. “In fact, being a guy like this allows you to play other people in lower positions because he can handle a lot of multiples while these people are learning the system.”

Darnay Holmes had a fairly good training camp, most likely from the Giants’ slot corner. Ryan could initially take a snap from second-year man Corey Balentine as a boundary corner in front of Bradberry. Ryan may also be part of a three-safety package with Julian Love and Jabrill Papers.

The Giants sent a 2021 seventh round pick to Denver for the 2018 third-round pick Yanidome, who never became a full-time starter with the Broncos. Yayadome played only 24 percent of Denver’s defensive snaps as a rogue, then made eight starts and played 48 percent of the snaps last season.

In a film study, our Nick Falato concluded that the 24-year-old “is a piece with enough depth that special teams can contribute.”

Will the Giants, as of now with uncertainty who will be opposite James Bradberry in the second boundary corner, see Yayadom more than that? Maybe.

He said, “We like the way he plays on the line of scrimmage.” He has some experience within the league. The judges said that this is a very short route, but it is our job as coaches to catch him as quickly as possible. “We like the energy and effort he plays with, we like the physicality that he shows on the line of scrimmages, and obviously, this is a guy we remember when he was in college. I was out in the draft not long ago. We have known about this man in the league for some time. “

In two seasons, Yayadom has compiled passer ratings against points of 105.3 and 104.9 with an interception of 88 goals. We will have to see if the Giants can get a better game than that.

In three NFL seasons, Williams has started only three of 45 games in which he has played. It is doubtful that Ryan, with Yayadom and Corey Ballantine as a boundary option, see him as a potential starter.

Williams missed a shoulder injury last season. His resume, however, shows that he is an experienced special team player, if one is wildly inconsistent.

In 2018, Williams played 71 percent of special teams snaps for the Arizona Cardinals. He tackled five, but missed five and committed four penalties.

Judges talk a lot about the consequences of mistakes. If Williams is inconsistent as a giant, it’s hard to see him remaining on the roster for a full season.

Speed ​​will give you opportunities in the NFL, and Colbert reported on his pro day at 4.25 in Miami in 2017.

Colbert is a safety and has 17 starts in three seasons with the San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins. It is significant that he played in six matches last season, five of which started with the Dolphins. Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham, was in that capacity with Miami in 2019.

Therefore, Colbert knows Graham’s defense and has already established some trust with Graham.

Colbert is considered a big hitter, and goes by the nickname “The Punisher”.

Love and Papers will be the starting safety tandem. Colbert plays may depend on how the Giants choose to use Ryan, and how much they lean on the three-safety package with McKinney on IR.