The Germans are ‘holding’ the far-flung figure saying that migrants can be gathered. Germany

German Luth, of the far-flung German party, filing comments in the undercover documentary, the report says.

Berlin, Germany – A long-time right-wing alternative alter for Deutschland (AfD) political party has been sacked amid reports of his inflammatory remarks in which he allegedly “gassed” refugees and migrants.

Christian Luith, who has been with FFD since its inception in 2013, was already suspended from his post as parliamentary spokesman after declaring himself fascist in April.

The latest revelation dates back to February when he met a right-wing social media influencer at a confidential meeting in a bar in Berlin.

However, the conversation was secretly being filmed in Germany for a documentary on the far-flung that aired last week.

During the conversation, Luith states that FFD uses deliberate provocative tactics.

When asked if it was in the party’s interest that more refugees and expatriates come to the country, he said: “Yes, because AfD does better. We could have shot them all later. Absolutely. No. Or, gessing, or whatever you want. It’s the same for me. ”

Luth was not identified in the documentary, but his name was published yesterday after his further investigation by the German newspaper Zeit and which he says was of “special public interest”. Luth has not yet made a comment.

AfD, which has placed itself on an anti-immigrant, nationalist agenda and is currently the largest opposition party in the German Parliament, was quick to distance itself from the comments.

Alexander Golland, co-leader of AfD’s parliamentary group, said: “The comments attributed to Christian [Lueth] Are completely unacceptable and inconsistent with the objectives and policies of the AfT. ”

Activists were shocked, saying such comments by Afad were not surprising.

Ayesha, who did not want to give her real name due to security reasons, is a Berlin activist with anti-fascist organization Migrantify.

He said: “I am not surprised because the policies of the APED and other political parties that are running more accurately are already killing people. Nazi people are regularly attacking our communities and our neighborhoods.”

The development comes against the backdrop of persistent right-wing violence in the country, including arson against minority-owned businesses during the summer in Berlin and six months after racist attacks in Hanau, in which nine people were killed by a right-wing. Attacker.

“I think communities need to start protecting themselves from these threats because I don’t think the state will be there to provide that protection, as has been proven over the last decades.

“Since our parents are in Germany, we have been the subject of murder and degradation and exploitation. And even though some of us are not in the same position in society, we still see new people who take that position within society, ”said Ayesha.

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