The German Christmas market is “unlikely” the target of a bomb attack –

The German Christmas market is “unlikely” the target of a bomb attack


BERLIN – German police said on Saturday that they seemed Doubtful that a suspect The package that contained nails that caused the explosion of a bomb in a city near Berlin was destined to a Christmas market.

The package was delivered on Friday to a pharmacy on the same street as the market in downtown Potsdam. The officers destroyed the suspicious package, which contained nails and an unidentified powder, in a controlled explosion. Police said the package did not appear to be a viable device.

"According to the evidence so far, our researchers think that the Christmas market is unlikely to be the target," the Potsdam police wrote, adding that they continue to search for the package's sender.

They did not disclose more details.

The popular market reopened on Saturday morning with a greater police presence. The visitors walked through the stands, which offered hot red wine, toasted nuts and grilled sausages and did not seem bothered by the scare of the previous day.

Christmas markets are extremely popular in Germany and have increased safety this year after the deadly attack truck in a market in central Berlin last December.

In that case, a Tunisian man hijacked a truck and drove it to a crowded market, killing 12 people in an attack that was later claimed by the Islamic State group. The suspect, Anis Amri, fled to Italy after the December 19 attack and died in a shootout with police near Milan on December 23, 2016.

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