The Gathering’s newest set is Hogwarts Without The Terf

Strixhaven, like Hogwarts but good.

Strixhaven, like Hogwarts but good.
Picture: Wizards of the Coast

Do you still love the Harry Potter franchise but absolutely can’t bear to support its author? If so, Magic: The Gatheringthe last card game, Strixhaven: Wizard School, it could be for you.

More than just being a card game to demoralize your friends, Magic: The Gathering has its own story, with each new card game taking place in magical realms called planes. Recent aircraft have included the Viking theme Kaldheim, the inspired fairy tale Eldraine, and now with Strixhaven, publisher Wizards of the Coasts is playing their popular card game Hogwarts.

Stop if you’ve heard this before. Strixhaven is a wizarding school founded by five mighty dragons, each with their own disciplines and personalities. They have divided their school into five different universities, each of which is dedicated to the ideals of its founders. Magic posted a short and cute blog about each of the universities. Strixhaven sounds a lot like a real university with math, science, history and literature departments, each with its own unique magical style.


the Strixhaven children. You can tell which one is probably the idiot by the bouffant and the pen buzzed in your court
Picture: Wizards of the Coast

I’m lovin ‘it Magic: the encounter, but I was always more attracted to the characters on the cards than the worlds they occupied. I identified with black characters like Kaya Y Teferi and deeply respected characters like Ashiok despite the misery they caused me every time your card materialized from my opponent’s hand.

With StrixhavenI am very excited to learn more about the world. It looks like a lot of fun, a stark contrast to Magicusual stories of war or survive in monster infested environments. Strixhaven It seems like only kids learn and have fun, and that’s a nice change of pace.Magic Could do with a little lightness. It just can not be Nicol Bolas You try to take over the worlds all the time, right?

Here is my brief summary of the schools.

Witherbloom is the school for bio nerds who like to rummage through living or dead things and definitely have a collection of stuffed pets. Quandrix is ​​the school that has somehow managed to make magic boring by adding math to it. Prismari is the school for theater children: at all hours of the day, at least one person can be heard singing “Seasons of Love”. Lorehold is the history school and is populated entirely by children who read at lunch, recess, and while in the bathroom. Finally, Silverquill is for the literary nerds who think wearing black is a substitute for personality.

Along with a standard set of cards, Wizards will release pre-made Commander decks for each of the colleges. Personally, I choose Lorehold because I’m a history nerd who prefers to play white mana decks and … I was one of those kids who read at lunch, recess, and in the bathroom.

Strixhaven: Wizard School won’t come out for another couple of monthsbut you can expect to see more cards and hopefully more of the story as we get closer to the release date.


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