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The Gateway to Deep Space of NASA puts the colonization of Mars within our reach

The future of space exploration through the solar system is about to become much clearer, as NASA works with 14 other space agencies around the world to design the Deep Space Gateway.

It has been announced that the newspaper details of the details of the Gateway will be published in January next year, with a concrete look at the plan of one of the most ambitious space exploration projects to date.

The "Global Exploration Roadmap" will set out the details of how Earth scientists will establish an orbital base, before continuing to travel to another part of the cosmos.

The Gateway to deep space will be a large space station that will serve as a base of operations from which to launch missions, both manned and unmanned, through known space.

Essentially, it will act as an intermediate space between the Earth and the distant planets, providing a permanent base among the stars to allow for greater ease in mounting, preparing and performing missions.

The current plan is to position this space station midway between Earth and the Moon, to allow the Gateway to function as a bridge between the two bodies.

" " We believe that an orbital platform plays a vital and synergistic role with anything you do on the surface, "said the deputy director of advanced exploration systems at NASA John Guidi .

"The Cislunar orbit is the sweet spot, close enough to the Earth and the Moon but outside the gravity wells." " [19659002] It is significant that NASA is going to work with so many other agencies in the project.

The Deep Space Gateway will represent a phenomenal investment of time and resources of the global community, but should also be able to benefit all of humanity, since any of the groups involved will have the right to use the Gateway to send future space missions .

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