The game was: “They got that swag …”

JACKSONVILLE – Gardner Minshaw II knows what he speaks.

Minsave, who played with full confidence in a memorable 2019 season, saw a group of young players on Sunday.

“When they’re playing with confidence, you love a young team that plays with confidence,” Minshew said Sunday of a 27-20 win over the Indianapolis Colts in the 2020 regular season at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday Said in view of “They have energy.

“They got that about them.”

Jaguar’s 2020 draft class featured a massive swag on Sunday:

* James Robinson, who became the fourth undrafted rookie running back in NFL history to start Week 1, ran 62 yards on 16 carries – and also had a 28-yard reception.

* CJ Henderson, the No. 9 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, recorded his first career interception – a play that led to the Jaguars’ first touchdown. He also beat three passes from Colts quarterback Phillip River at 4 and 4, including a pass breakup to wide receiver Ti Hilton: with 44 to secure the remaining win.

* A third-round nose tackle Davon Hamilton registered two tackles and helped solidify a run defense that struggled before holding the Colts to 88 yards.

* Second-round wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. caught three passes for 37 yards and a 15 yard touchdown in the second quarter to tie the game at 14-14.

* K’Lavon Chaisson, a total of 20 selections in the 2020 NFL Draft, registered two tackles. A penalty on defensive end Dwayne Smoot earned him an interception in the second half.

“I think, as a whole, we all wanted the same goal – just a lot of energy and not a lot of mistakes,” Rostin said. “Coming as a cheater, many people think you will have a lot of mistakes, but I think all the cheaters played today were great.”

The rogues had influence beyond the figures, especially Shenault. Not only did his touchdown reception put the game close to half-time, Minshew said the Jaguars’ first touchdown – a six-yard pass from Minswa to wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. – worked “because they” [the Colts] Laviska was worried about catching the ball while we were throwing it down. ”

“I’m very excited for him,” Minsow said of Shenault. “I think he will continue to work and be humble and I think he is going to do a really good job for us.”

And Minshew said that classroom performance could have a positive impact going forward.

“You always say ‘I know I can play in this league’, but until you do … you know …” Minsaw said. “I know this time last year that was the time when I was really like ‘I can really do this.” Our people have the same confidence where they know they belong here, and not only are they related, but they can be really good players for us. ‘

Robinson’s debut was not just productive. It also had a fantastic element, with Robinson striking a defender during his 28-yard reception in the fourth quarter. The game went ahead for the Jaguars’ go-ahead touchdown – a 22-yard pass from the Minswebs to wide receiver Keelan Cole – but Robinson’s mid-play leap was a major post-game theme. “It was kind of funny, after such a big play, you jog the ball and look back if there are any flags”. “I think [right tackle] Jawaan [Taylor] And [center] Brandon [Linder] ‘Who were these children?’ Fournette. But when Marrone had full confidence in Robinson, he admitted on Sunday: “I didn’t think he had that. So, I’m not going to test it all in practice.” …

On middle linebacker Joe Schobert, if spoken by observers of the offshore team “Supervisor”, Sunday serves as inspiration: “When you come on the field, I don’t think anyone has anything about it. Also said. You’re in a one-track mentality. … Coach Marron did a great job of not putting a ton of pressure on that kind of stuff, but allowed us to build that chip ourselves, giving us the locker room I could have a team-first mentality – like only people who are locker-room people and build a culture about that, and you’ve seen on the field today. ”

Regarding the Jaguars’ defense, Minswa said: “They really shut down the game. They won the game and won it for us. That’s a team victory.”

On “tanking” Minsk spoke: “I don’t care what you all talk about. We’re doing what we do: Try to win a game in a week. That’s all we can do Are. We’re really excited about this. Begin. ”

Minshew: “I think one of the things that served us well today was that we all have so much faith in each other. Whether it’s in me or in me, when you have it, you guys Can count on it. ”