The game disorder will be called mental health condition for the first time

The gambling disorder will soon be clbadified as a mental health condition for the first time, reports New Scientist .

The International Clbadification of Diseases is a diagnostic manual published by the World Health Organization. Organization.

Last updated 27 years ago, in 1990.

The eleventh edition of the manual will be published in 2018 and will include game disorder as a serious health condition to be monitored.

The wording of the game's mess has not yet been revealed.

However, the draft describes the criteria necessary to determine if someone can be clbadified as a gambling disorder.

Sowing and illustration on mental health – In pictures

Vladimir Poznyak, member of the Mental Department of the WHO Health and Substance Abuse, spoke about the importance of recognizing gambling disorder as an important issue.

"Health professionals must recognize that the gambling disorder can have serious consequences for health," he said.

"Most people who play video games do not have a disorder, just as most people who drink alcohol do not have a disorder, but in certain circumstances, excessive use can have adverse effects."

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Last year, researchers from the Internet Institute of the University of Oxford carried out a study to investigate the percentage of players who are addicted to video games.

The study, published in American Journal of Psychiatry found that only two or three percent of the 19,000 men and women surveyed in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Germany admitted having experienced five or more than the symptoms of the list of health symptoms of the American Psychiatric Association.

A few years ago, the APA created a list of nine standard symptoms that could determine the "disorder of Internet games." These symptoms include anxiety, withdrawal symptoms and antisocial behavior.

Dr. Andrew Przybylski, lead author of the study at the University of Oxford, discussed his findings.

"As far as we know, these are the first findings of a large-scale project to produce solid evidence about the new potential" Contrary to what had been predicted, the study found no clear link between the possible addiction and the negative effects on health, however, more research based on open and sound scientific practices is needed to know if games are really as addictive as many fear. "

While some debate whether games pose a threat to mental health , the amount of time many people spend playing video games is amazing.

When ESET researchers surveyed 500 players, they discovered that 10 percent admitted spending between 12 and 24 hours stuck to their video game screens.

] "The games are highly addictive and it is not surprising that many respondents of our study admit that it is played for so long," said Mark J ames, ESET security specialist.

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