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The Galaxy S9 will arrive in early January, according to several recent reports, as Samsung expects to present the new smartphone at CES 2018, more than a month before the expected launch of the MWC. The popularity of the iPhone X is apparently the culprit, since Samsung is looking to launch a competitor as quickly as possible.

The same reports already revealed many details about the phone's hardware, suggesting that the Galaxy S9 + will be the only device for sporting a dual camera on the back. They also affirmed that the new phones will have the same general design as their predecessor. A new report now says that the Galaxy S9 will get a new fingerprint sensor, but it's not the kind of fingerprint sensor you could want.

Let's face it, placing a fingerprint sensor under on the screen, as many rumors of the iPhone X said this year, is a totally cool feature, especially for techies. Being able to use a surface to scan fingerprints and project images is brilliant, at least on paper. In real life, it is apparently difficult to achieve. Even for Apple and Samsung. In fact, Apple will tell you that it never considered a solution for the iPhone X, and that Touch ID sensors are more or less dead now that Face ID is here.

The Galaxy S9 will have a traditional fingerprint sensor, and it will be placed on the back of the phone, just like the Galaxy S8. However, the sensor will have a central location that will make it much more accessible. It is also supposed to be a new fingerprint sensor, according to the Korean language ETNews which says that Samsung plans to sign an agreement with a Taiwanese provider for the Galaxy S9.

The report says that the final contract was not signed, but that should happen soon. The report also adds that the sensor will be placed in the back box, although this is an old news as BGR exclusively confirmed the new design of the Galaxy S9 last week. It is not clear what caused this particular change, and whether the new sensor is in any way superior to the one used in the Galaxy S8 series.

ETNews also notes that the phone will come with iris scanning technology, but does not mention a 3D facial recognition system that competes with the Face ID camera of the iPhone X. Instead, the report says that the phone will have a normal camera and an iris recognition camera in front.

Finally, ETNews says that mbad production of Galaxy S9 will begin in January.

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