The Galaxy S21 pre-premiere is open, but what about the release date? Here we know

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 debuts this month and should start selling shortly.

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Samsung’s new Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphones are scheduled to be launched later in the Samsung Unpacked event. CES. It will be done from 7 am PT (10 am ET) – Here’s how to watch the S21 event live. The South Korean company’s event theme is “Welcome to Everyday Epic”. But when can you actually get your hands on a new phone?

It is likely that the phones will go on a sale at the end of the month. If Android Authority predictions are true, the new devices will roll out on January 22. Earlier reports have suggested that they may go on sale in India on 29 January. For now, you can’t technically pre-mode the new phone yet, but you can get in the virtual line and Register on preorder On Samsung’s website.

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Samsung did not respond to a request for comment.

The new phones are a follow-up to the S20 phones, which Samsung released last year to accommodate multiple budgets. Rumors began circulating as of last November that tech giants Galaxy S21 were already in mass production.

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