‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ reunion tells two cast members about the gig down

One of our favorite families is just reuniting in time for Thanksgiving. Will Smith saw fans for the first time on Friday Bel – Air’s new prince Reunion Special.

She posted the trailer on her Instagram page with a heart-touching caption. He wrote, “These are the people who made me the man of today.” “And I could not let this day go without marking the occasion.” The special was taped on September 10, the 30th anniversary of the original series premiere date.

The trailer features the cast living in a living room together, where lots of laughter and love were shared in the beloved original sitcom. During part one of the special, the cast shared lesser-known stories about the series. Smith revealed that Jazzy Jeff initially refused to participate in the show.

“I had no aspirations to act,” Jeff said.

“Jeff turned down the show literally ten times,” Smith said. “Will is great at talking me into things,” Jeff said.

Daphne Maxwell Reid shared that she was not keen on the idea of ​​joining the cast as second aunt Vivian. “He said ‘We want you to audition for this new sitcom with a rapper.” I said ‘pass’,’ he said, causing Smith to throw his head back in laughter.

The series regularly stars Tatyana Ali (Ashley Banks), Carian Parsons (Hillary Banks), Joseph Marcel (Geoffrey Butler), Daphne Maxwell Reid (who played the other Vivian Banks) and Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks) with DJ Jazzy Joined on the set of Jeff.

The special also had a special moment between Smith and Janet Hubert, the original Aunt Vivian. “I couldn’t celebrate thirty years Fresh prince Without Janet, ”Smith said.

Bel – Air’s new prince The reunion special will begin on Thursday, November 19 on HBO Max.

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