The frequent use of smartphones may increase the risk of suicide in adolescents –

The frequent use of smartphones may increase the risk of suicide in adolescents


Teenagers who spend more time on smartphones and other electronic displays may be at risk of developing depression and suicidal tendencies, according to a study.

Researchers from the Florida State University in the USA. UU They said screen time should be considered a "There is a worrying relationship between excessive screen time and the risk of death from suicide, depression, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts," said Thomas Joiner of Florida State University.

"All these mental health problems are very serious, I think it's something that parents should consider," he said.

The researchers found that 48 percent of teens who spent five or more hours a day on electronic devices reported suicide. related behavior That compared to 28 percent of teens who spent less than an hour using electronic devices.

The results, published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, clearly showed that adolescents who spent more time on devices were more unhappy.

Those who focused more on non-screen activities such as sports and exercise, talking with friends face to face, doing homework and going to church were more likely to be happy.

Rates of depression and suicide for teenagers between 13 and 18 increased dramatically since 2010, especially among girls, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The study identified the excessive use of electronic devices as a possible culprit.

According to CDC statistics, the suicide rate increased 31 percent among adolescents from 2010 to 2015, while a national survey shows that the number of adolescents who reported symptoms of severe depression increased by 33 percent.

Those increases were l Argely driven by teenage girls. Their suicide rate increased by 65 percent and those who suffered severe depression increased by 58 percent.

The rate of behaviors related to suicide – feeling desperate, thinking about committing suicide or trying to do so – increased 14 percent.

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