The Freedom Caucus pressured McCarthy to launch a broad-based bid to unseat Pelosi

And Republicans would need to get a majority of the House to win on any resolution to replace Pelosi. Republicans hold only 198 seats, vs. 232 for Democrats, making it much easier for Democrats to kill McCarthy.

McCarthy hoodwinked Wednesday with Freedom Caucus president Andy Biggs (R-Arise) and other members of the conservative group, who argue that Pelosi’s removal from his post to not allow more floor votes on the amendment Donald Trump must be removed for attempting to oust him. And among other things Trump is calling out Republicans supporting “domestic enemies”.

While the probability of the procedural momentum succeeding is next to zero, if McCarthy pulls the trigger, it could destroy his relationship with Pelosi, who reclaimed Gavel last year from rebelling inside the Democratic caucus Refused. Still, Pelosi lost 15 votes to Democrats, including those who vowed to oppose him and newcomers from Republican-leaning districts now facing a tough reunion battle this November .

The GOP is once again trying to support a problem for Democrats in the major swing districts for Pelosi, and hard-liners believe a vote on the proposal to vacate just before the November election would raise the issue. Will give new life But there is no indication that Pelosi is less popular with Democrats when she was using Speaker’s Gael two years ago, and the GOP’s repeated attempts to make Pelosi a political liability for Democrats in recent years Have failed brilliantly.

Signing the motion to vacate, however, could be another added benefit for McCarthy: it would help him earn key points with House conservatives, whose support would be crucial in any bid after November. Rape Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a Freedom Caucus co-founder, challenged McCarthy for the post of minority leader in 2018, but the two have since improved their relationship.

The Hard-Line Freedom Caucus has a long history, which uses a resolution to go after the House leaders. Former Rep. Mark Meadows (RN.C.), now Trump’s Chief of Staff, once filed a motion to vaccinate against former Speaker John Boerner (R-Ohio); It never received a vote on the floor of the House, but Boener soon resigned. And the House Freedom Caucus frequently put procedural tools as a threat during the tenure of former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wiz).

However, Democrats changed the rules on the proposal to vacate at the beginning of this Congress. According to the rule, “The proposal to vacate the office of the President of the office is not proposed by a party caucus or convention directive, except as privileged.”

Pelosi’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

A senior Democratic aide said the majority party could impose a censor motion or formal reprimand if the parties “unnecessarily cause disregard in the House.”

Democrats also accused Republicans of taking Pelosi’s “domestic enemies” out of context for political stunts. During an August 24 appearance on MSNBC to discuss Trump’s opposition to the vote, Pelosi said, “We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And sadly Domestic enemies of our voting system. And are right there with their allies in the Congress of the United States, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, respecting our Constitution. “

Aide said Democrats had treated Republicans fairly when this amendment came. Democrats have made 2,588 amendments to Congress so far and 972 of them were Republican sponsors or cosponsors. The last Congress, Republicans ordered a total of 1,671 amendments, the aide said, and 1,028 amendments had Democratic sponsors or co-sponsors by this time.