The founders of Boosted Boards launch a scooter exchange service in DC

According to TechCrunch the founders of Skip decided to use larger scooters with a wider driving platform, double suspension and head / tail / brake lights. They modified the scooters to make them more durable, so they will need less maintenance, but their ultimate goal is to build their own; Taking into account their background, it is likely that they can achieve it. You can unlock one of your rentals with an app, and it will cost you $ 1 plus 15 cents per minute, which are the same prices that your rivals charge. Skip scooters can travel 30 miles at 10 mph per load and apparently will feel stable enough to drive next to the cars.

To prevent vehicles from blocking people's pbadage, the company requires users to take a photo of the scooters upright. from the middle of a road. Skip also launched a loading program where people can be paid to pick up scooters, plug them into their homes and leave them. However, one thing that the company has not yet resolved is how to make sure that all pbadengers wear helmets, which could prevent fatal accidents of scooters from occurring in the future.

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