The founders have brought only 2.2% of US VC. UU This year (yes, again) – TechCrunch –

The founders have brought only 2.2% of US VC. UU This year (yes, again) – TechCrunch

Despite efforts to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs, new companies based in the United States have raised just 2.2 percent of venture capital investment in 2018.

That statistic may sound familiar; It is also the same part of the new capital companies founded by a single founding woman or a female team insured last year, according to PitchBook.

That figure has become a kind of battle cry for the founders and their defenders when they try to find solutions to a long-standing problem: women entrepreneurs get much less private capital than their male counterparts. Several new efforts and entire organizations, such as All Raise, for example, have emerged to improve this through mentoring and programming, but it is clear that it will take more than a year for this increase in resources to make the change.

Currently, less than 10 percent of decision makers in venture capital firms are women and 74 percent of US equity firms. UU They have zero investors. Until those numbers begin to transform, it is likely that little progress will be made to close the financing gap.

The good news is women to have It raised a record amount of VC this year with two months still in 2018. In the last ten months, new companies founded by women have closed 391 agreements worth $ 2.3 billion., from $ 2 billion in 2017. Mixed gender teams have raised $ 13.2 billion. this year through 1,346 agreements, an increase of $ 12.7 billion last year.

For the context, new US companies have raised a total of $ 96.7 billion in 2018, a number that is expected to exceed $ 100 billion by the end of the year. Companies founded by women have increased only 2.2 percent of that total; Mixed teams have increased around 12.8 percent, compared to 10.4 percent last year.

Last year, new US companies raised a total of $ 82 billion in more than 9,000 deals in what was also an impressive year for the venture industry.

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