The Fortnite V-Bucks are apparently being used to launder money

You can not be one of the largest entities on the planet and not attract some bad people. Apparently, Fortnite It has attracted some money launderers. According to a new story in The independent, a new trend happening in FortniteThe servers apparently involve people who steal V-Bucks through media such as stolen credit cards and sell them to the public through the black market. By using stolen funds to buy the currency and sell it again, scammers are essentially swapping dirty money for clean money and making profits in the process.

credit // Epic Games

According to the article, some of these criminals who spoke anonymously with the newspaper are getting huge amounts of cash from the system, and without Epic Games reviewing each transaction to see who owns what, they get away with it. days. base. It is not really Epic's fault, nor is it anything new, as has been done in other markets in the past. But why Fortnite It is such an important agreement these days, that criminals basically have access to one of the most important resources they have had and they are doing it in several countries that never think twice before verifying the source or even the attention. We will see how the company responds to history and the development of what is happening, but at this moment, it seems that there are few immediate alternatives to close the system.

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