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The Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass theme seems to be superheroes

The next season of Fortnite: Battle Royale is just around the corner. With the latest set of challenges from season 3 live and the next component of the mystery of the meteorites apparently live, Epic Games has released a new preview image of what season 4 will have in store, and it could be a theme of superheroes. [ Update: A new version of the image of Season 4 has been released.]

Epic shared the image below on Twitter, accompanied by the text, "Battle, Adapt, Win, Season 4 soon . "The same image on the Fortnite website is accompanied by the words" support for impact! " The image itself shows what appears to be a superhero, which can provide a clue as to what kind of new skins and cosmetics to expect from the Season 4 Battle Pass. The skins of Season 3 are largely spatially themed, which is related to the current speculation of meteorites and aliens. With Avengers: Infinity War just hit theaters, Epic could be looking to capitalize on the buzz of the superhero in the game.

A start date has not yet been announced for season 4, but season 3 is set to end on May 3. It is not clear if Season 4 will start immediately, but you can expect there to be another Battle Pass for sale. Epic had planned to sell Season 3 to get money from the real world, but finally decided to offer it only for V-Bucks, a game currency.

We still do not know what to do with the Battle Royale meteor. Players have repeatedly waited for it to crash into Tilted Towers, just so nothing happens, something Epic even recognized with a recent Tilted Towers update.

The shooting stars now populate the sky, and the game has seen the addition of bars and the image of tones that can be seen on the game's televisions, also indicating that [algode is about to happen. Players think they have found what resemble UFOs in the sky next to the meteor, and the game's files apparently include sound effects for the meteor that finally crashed.

Maybe the aliens are coming and the superheroes will have to face them. Maybe the meteor is somehow the superhero photographed above. The previous speculation suggested that all this could be related to the original PvE component of Fortnite, Save the World, finally coming out of Early Access. In any case, Season 4 will be on its way soon, and meanwhile, meteors are beginning to hit.

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