The Fort Myers fight at Edison Mall presents six women and a small child

What raises a brawl in the mall above the mundane barks and boos? How about getting away from the fight to take a small child to action?

That's what a woman did on a Sunday Donnybrook in Fort Myers & Edison Mall captured on video by David Milburn.

The video opens with at least four women beating and hitting a woman torturing to protect themselves. The attacked woman sinks to the ground, still in cover-up mode by repeated hits and kicks.

One of the women who joins her, a woman in a blue shirt with what appears to be a raspberry beret, stops hitting and walks away from the screen. She returns to the fray by pushing a small child in a plastic stroller shaped like a car.

When the attacked woman begins to rise, the pusher stops to give a side kick to the attacked woman's face.

The moment of kung fu Momentarily unbalanced and dazed to the woman who was attacked, but she appeared again to go behind Bruce Lee-in-a-beret. The woman who kicked it withdrew, leaving only the bewildered child sitting in the stroller.

He finally returned to take the boy out of the stroller and disappear into Victoria's Secret as the fight broke.

Police have yet to disclose information about the fight or about possible arrests.

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