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The former Vol Josh Dobbs explains the universe to the Colts QB

Former Tennessee Volunteer quarterback Joshua Dobbs of the Pittsburgh Steelers taught space and the sun to Jacoby Brissett of Indianapolis.

As a kid who graduated in aerospace engineering as a quarterback for Tennessee football, Josh Dobbs is not a kid to debate the universe. On Thursday, he had to correct an NFL teammate on the matter.

The quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers responded to a question asked by another quarterback of the professionals, Jacoby Brissett. Taking Twitter, Brissett asked a question that did not really make sense and generated many answers.

Brissett's question was how it could be cold in outer space if the sun is hot. Yes, that was raised by Indianapolis Colts quarterback. And he actually received quite a few responses, including from other NFL players.

Finally, Dobbs had to show the education he received while playing for Tennessee soccer by explaining why this was the case. So he jumped into the conversation and gave a fairly short answer that he should have explained.

However Brissett was not made. He responded with this tweet, which did not make sense as an answer and only confused even more anyone who read it. At this point, you had to ask if he was joking or being a serious conspiracy theorist.

Dobbs then had to respond again to Andrew Luck's reserve quarterback. It was probably the most embarrassing thing he had to do as someone who has really studied the problem while playing college ball.

Obviously, accepting Dobbs's first explanation, it was not even necessary to begin with. Anyone could explain that being in outer space does not mean you are closer to the sun. But, of course, Dobbs was much easier to break down.

When his career has ended in professionals, Dobbs could replace Neil deGrasse Tyson as the famous scientist who has to explain things to conspiracy theorists. And as an NFL player at a time when more professional athletes are beginning to question basic scientific data, he would be the perfect guy to do it. Maybe it's his calling.

If that happened, Dobbs could join the list of Tennessee quarterbacks to do great things going back to the 1990s. Andy Kelly was a superstar of arena soccer, Heath Shuler became a congressman, Peyton Manning became a Hall of Famer, Tee Martin became a college football coach, Casey Clausen became a high school coach, and Erik Ainge got a radio show.

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In explaining science, Dobbs could be the most important star of them all. He is one of the most successful Tennessee quarterbacks in history. This is just another way for him to show how wonderful he is.

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