The former Google fighter is now in charge of Apple returning to the game of artificial intelligence – BGR

It has become a bit of conventional wisdom that Apple lags its technology peers when it comes to artificial intelligence. It's possible that products like Siri have been released early enough to give Apple what should have been a major advantage, but similar offers from companies like Google and Amazon are of a more useful magnitude than Apple's tools and improve every day .

We will keep the "why" of all this, the problems of privacy and the learning about users in a comprehensive way over time, for another publication. What is ironic, however, is that man now took it upon himself to help change this reality in Apple, John Giannandrea, used to be in charge of artificial intelligence, research and search teams in Google, of all places. Giannandrea spent eight years there, and during her period she pushed to make the AI ​​a centerpiece in products like Gmail and Google Assistant. And it's Giannandrea who now leads a new unit at Apple, a unit that has combined the company's artificial intelligence and machine learning efforts, the company has confirmed.

You could argue that Apple had no choice, that he needed someone with Giannandrea tries to recover where he should be in the AI ​​game. According to his official Apple biography, his title is Head of Automatic Learning and AI Strategy, and reports directly to CEO Tim Cook.

"John joined Apple in 2018 and oversees the strategy of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning through the company and development of Core ML and Siri technologies," his bio readings.

Before joining Google, Giannandrea co-founded two technology companies, Tellme Networks and Metaweb Technologies. And before that, he was a senior engineer at General Magic.

How much progress can be made within the context of Apple's general philosophy in terms of data and user privacy: it will be interesting to see if all that can coexist successfully. Apple's directives from the top mean it has not collected mountains of user data in the same way as other companies, to which algorithms and machine learning can be applied and extract the same level of value from the way it looks in a company like Google.

The story that emerged in the tech press after Apple making the new mandate of Giannandrea is that Apple is basically making up for lost time.

TechCrunch for example, points to Apple's digital badistant for some context. "The fortuitous way in which Siri has gone ahead has to be softened if Apple is going to make a big play to improve the same way it is doing with Maps, I think at some point we realized that heavy lifting ( AI / machine learning) with the additional burden of maintaining the privacy of the user's data was sufficient to carry them without having to maintain several different batteries for their tools (machine learning). " 19659010].

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