The footage emerges when a meteor "ball of fire" hits the earth

The footage emerges when a meteor

The images emerged online after a meteor of the "fireball" hit the earth, exploding in the sky over Siberia.

The meteor, which appeared as a great ball of green fire and yellow tail, struck in the atmosphere of the earth over the Krasnoyarsk region.

A witness tells the Times of Siberia "I got scared when it sounded and it looked like a plane on fire, I was really scared by the noise and the brightness that I created." I pulled a phone out of my pocket, but it flew through the sky so fast that I only caught a long white "trace it to the left" .

The local emergency services confirmed that it has been officially confirmed as a meteorite, the third sighting of one on earth in just three months.

Fortunately, no one was injured and officials in the area say there was no threat to life or infrastructure at this time.

Look at the clip here.

through YouTube / AnnaLiesowa

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