Police on Long Island, New York, say a charter bus driver may not have known about the regulations that restrict commercial vehicles before crashing into a bridge and cutting off the top of his bus. I was driving the teenagers home from a trip. Six were seriously injured. (April 9th)

New York State police investigators were trying to determine on Monday why a charter bus full of high school students returning from spring break crashed into a bridge in Long Island, injuring dozens of students, chaperones and the driver.

The bus, owned by Journey Bus Line, was traveling from John F. Kennedy International Airport along the Southern State Parkway on Sunday night when the top of the bus was apparently swindled by the overpass, photos of the indicated scene.

Maj. David Candelaria, spokesman for the State Police, said commercial vehicles are not allowed on the road, adding that the bridges are too low to accommodate the buses.

"I do not think he (the driver) had knowledge," Candelaria said. . "If you look at the damage, it was a high impact blow."

"We are very lucky. This could have been tragic. "

Driver Troy Gaston, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and the 43 passengers on board were taken to several hospitals in the area, police said, two people suffered serious injuries, and five others suffered as a result. He described himself as moderate, and the rest were minors, police said.

The 38 students on board, aged between 16 and 18, and five adult chaperones were returning from a trip through Eastern Europe booked through EF Tours, police said, to a shopping mall where students would meet with their parents.

"Everyone could get out except one, which we took out," said Patrick McNeill, head of the Lakeview Fire Department Newsday "There was glass The video shows the teenagers sitting and standing outside the damaged white bus, some wrapped in blankets, while the firemen inspect the remains. Multiple ambulances and fire trucks. respo Police said the driver was being evaluated and that he did not appear to be familiar with the restrictions of commercial vehicles in the parking lot.

The minimum clearance in the parking lot is 7 feet, 10 inches and accidents involving striking vehicles overpasses is not uncommon on the greenway. In 2017, there were reports that an electronic alarm system would be installed in the parking lot to warn drivers of vehicles too high for the overpass.

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A charter bus carrying teenagers returning from a spring break trip hit a bridge on Long Island, New York, seriously injuring six passengers and destroying the entire part top of the bus. (April 9th)

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