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The fly species Arnold Schwarzenegger earns name of ‘big arms & # 39;

Megapropodiphora arnoldi sports large front legs.

Brian Brown

Some newly discovered species name themselves.

Entomologist Brian Brown of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County discovered a new species of fly in Brazil. "As soon as I saw those bulging legs, I knew I had to name this after Arnold," he says, citing the impact of bodybuilder, action star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cultural and political icon.

This illustration offers a better view of the "big arms" of the fly.

T. Hayden

Schwarzennegger himself acknowledged the appointment on Twitter and wrote: "Thank you for the great honor, Dr. Brown, I now commit to making sure our thighs are as muscular as the fly!" [19659004] While Schwarzenegger is known for his muscular body, the insect, now called Megapropodiphora arnoldi may actually be the smallest fly in the world.

Brown published a research article on the march this week in the Biodiversity Data Journal, where he describes a female fly measuring just 0.395 millimeters (approximately 0.016 inches) in length.

The newly discovered fly is only slightly smaller than the smaller fly previously known, which Brown also described in an article in 2012.

Despite its diminutive size, Megapropodiphora arnoldi enlarges the front legs, although his other legs and wings are very small. Brown suspects that the parasitic insect can use those legs to grab its host.

Brown also had a personal reason for naming the fly after Schwarzenegger, saying that "his autobiography gave me hope that I could improve my body as a skinny teenager."

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