The Flash sharpener explains why Godspeed is an important villain for the series

Is an important villain for Godspeed Flash And for the series the listener gave his justification for keeping the speedster. The DC Fandom is on today and several CW shows are in the news. The Flash has been running for some time and for the majority of those seasons, he had to contend with some sort of rival speedster. Godspeed was a memorable entry that proves to be slightly polarizing with fans of the Scarlet Speedster. However, showrunner Eric Wallace gave his arguments for why Godspeed is one of the most important villains for Team Flash. You can’t just go to the well with the Golden and Silver Age villains, so these more contemporary villains allow younger fans to engage.

“Two things. One, the current run of comics Joshua is writing is awesome. And I want to make sure that new fans, especially new young fans who are reading comic books right now, are welcome on the show, “Wallace explained.” So it’s not just Silver Age villains and Bronze Age villains, there could be a young girl or a young boy who’s just reading those flash comics and where my villain is going to be the villain of my generations is.”

He said, “I want the same experience to be good for a young person.” My villain is Godspeed. He is only eight years old, he has been around for only five or eight years. So it is very important for me to bring it in to make the audience number one. Two, Godspeed. Unlike the opposite flash, flash has no emotional connection. So the question is, why is Godspeed angry in The Flash. We got to keep the show fresh. We’ve got more to say. ”

If you don’t know who Godspeed is, Nicole Drum of actually broke the character shortly before her CW introduction:

“Godspeed is a relatively new character in the comics. First appearing in The Flash: Rebirth # 1, Godspeed was created by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico. He is, as his name suggests, a speedster, but he has a power that most speedsters in the DC Universe probably don’t mind themselves. that power? Godspeed has the ability to separate the speed force from its connection – an action that can kill the speedster in the process. This ability makes Godspeed deadly and is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of his skill. He is a speedster to come along all along – one who can be even faster than Barry Allen. ”

“And when it comes to Barry Allen, Godspeed also has a personal relationship with him. Many of The Flash’s villains, August Heart – Godspeed’s true identity – were initially a collaborator and Barry’s friend. In the comics, August’s brother was murdered, and Barry and his lab were freed by the killer when evidence was destroyed by lightning. When August is struck by an electric shock from the Speed ​​Force storm, he initially joins Barry (who reveals his identity as The Flash) to help the newly-formed speedster target the criminals for. However, August – as Godspeed – kills the main suspect in the murder of his brother and confesses to Barry that he has been left on the justice system. Instead, he is using his new powers to become a judge, jury, and executioner to do justice for his brother on his own terms. ”

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