The Flash: Barry and Wally defeated two Superman villains

In the latest issue of The Flash, Barry Allen and Wally West easily defeated three major villains, illustrating just how powerful they really are.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Flash # 768 by Jeremy Adams, Brandon Peterson, Marco Santucci, David Lafuente, Mike Atiyeh, Arif Prianto, Luis Guerrero and Steve Wands, now on sale.

Ever since Barry Allen returned, Flash fans have debated whether he or his successor, Wally West, is the best hero and true fastest man in the world. This divide has intensified since Wally became embroiled in controversial stories that have tainted his legacy in recent years, beginning with Heroes in crisis. But while there can always be a sense of competition between them now, one of their recent adventures showed just how powerful the two Flashes can be when working together while defeating two dangerous Superman enemies with ease, and even launching one of the deadliest. by Aquaman. enemies as a bonus.

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In The flash # 768 Wally and Barry run at full speed so that the latter can cut the former’s connection with the Speed ​​Force so that he can safely retreat. As they do so, they quickly defeat and apprehend three supervillains before the evildoers realize what is happening. The three villains are Bloodsport, Metallo, and Orm, the Ocean Master. These villains have posed tough threats to Superman and Aquaman, so the ease with which the Flashes defeated them highlights their immense power and skill.

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The most famous character using the name Bloodsport is Robert DuBois, known for shooting Superman with a kryptonite needle that caused severe damage to the Man of Steel. Driven insane by an obsession with the Vietnam War, DuBois was recruited by Lex Luthor for a plot to assassinate Superman. Luthor provided him with an extensive arsenal that he also used to massacre dozens of civilians in Metropolis. The Bloodsport that Wally and Barry defeated appears to be DuBois.

Metallo’s identity has been used by many different characters, but the best known is John Corben, traditionally portrayed as some kind of criminal before an accident nearly kills him. Corben transforms into a cyborg with Kryptonite-powered technology that makes him an especially dangerous threat to Superman and other Kryptonian heroes.

Orm is the half-brother of Arthur Curry / Aquaman, although his origins have been modified several times throughout his history to better match Arthur’s current portrayal. As the Ocean Master, Orm plans to take the throne of Atlantis from his brother and is arguably Aquaman’s most important and iconic foe, rivaled only by Black Manta.

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Barry and Wally are not as strong as Superman or Aquaman, so the fact that they were able to defeat enemies that have proven to be so dangerous to them is a testament to just how significant the power of superspeed really is.

However, it should be noted that their companions are vulnerable to these characters in a way that Flashes are not, which could explain why the last heroes handled them so efficiently. Bloodsport and Metallo’s Kryptonite are specifically tailored to fight Kryptonians more than any other hero, and while fighting Orm, Aquaman can be distracted by the complex emotions that come from family fighting, which Wally and Barry don’t have to deal with.

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