The first Trump, presidential debate on the change in format after the Biden debate, was ‘carefully considered’ by the Commission

On the president’s promises, the commission said Wednesday that the highly disputed first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden “clarified” that “additional structure” should be added to the format of the remaining debate to make “more sure” discussions. Of issues.

The commission’s remarks included repeated interruptions after Tuesday night’s debate in Cleveland, Ohio, with both candidates accusing and insulting each other.

Media calls to Trump-Biden may already be canceled

“The Commission on Presidential Elections aired the debate for the benefit of American voters,” the CPD said in a statement on Wednesday. “Last night’s debate clarified that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debate to ensure a more systematic discussion of issues.”

The Commission said that it would carefully consider the changes it would adopt and announce those measures soon.

“The Commission is grateful to Chris Wallace for the professionalism and skill he brought to last night’s debate and intends to ensure that the additional equipment remains up to order,” the commission quoted the Fox News anchor as saying. debate.

CPD is sponsoring two more debates for Trump and Biden, one in Miami on October 15, Fla., And one on October 22 in Nashville, Tenn. A Vice Presidential debate is scheduled for 7 October.

The former vice president has called Trump “America’s worst president ever”, and on Tuesday Trump set out a personal debate by saying that Trump says there is “nothing smart” about Biden.

Biden Call Troop A Currently Personal Debate During Debate, ‘Trump Tales Biden’ Not ‘Smart’

Leading up to the debate, sources close to the Biden campaign told Fox News that the former vice president would not engage in personal attacks or respond to any insults leveled against him by Trump.

But within the first half of the debate, Biden slammed the president as a “liar” and a “jester” and repeatedly called him to “shut up”.

“Will you shut up man?” Biden told Trump, “Insensitive to them.”

Later, Biden again bites Trump, saying: “Will he just fall apart for a minute?”

Meanwhile, the president reprimanded Biden, saying the former vice-president is not “smart”.

Trump said, “Never use the word smart with me.” “There is nothing sensible about you Joe.”

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When asked about his campaign rallies, the president said that Biden does not hold events because “no one shows their events.”

“People want to hear what I have to say,” Trump said.

The debate shifted to taxes. Biden vowed to repeal the “Trump tax code”, and the president cut him off as to why he did not propose a better tax plan during his “47 years” in Washington.

“Because you were not the president to spoil things,” Biden said. “You are the worst president America has ever had.”

Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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