The first space nation Asgardia launched Sputnik


  Первая космическая нация Асгардия запустила спутник

It seems that, despite the achievements of the last decades, it is incredibly far from space. However, on the Internet there is the first Asgardia space nation, which managed to launch its first satellite.

For the first time in the nation's space, it was unveiled in October last year, when one of its founders spoke about plans to "overcome worldly conflicts" and settle in the satellite system circulating in orbit. In Asgardia there should be no limits to scientific knowledge, and the world is one of the priorities. June 18 of this year, the space nation was adopted party "Day of national unity" and from that day began a new countdown, where June 18 is the first day of history. The founders of Asgardia also invited interested citizens to vote for a Constitution and national symbols.

 Первая космическая нация Асгардия запустила спутник

And although the objectives in the space of the nation are very serious, in a year managed to send the Asgardia-1 satellite, which is a voluminous disk for 500 GB of photos and text.

The satellite was launched into space on November 12, 2017, in a Cygnus spacecraft, which was heading to the ISS, the orbit of Asgardia-1 will be launched in early December. An on-board systems test will be carried out and it will be verified that, by the end of the month, the satellite will finally be included.

 Первая космическая нация Асгардия запустила спутник

Asgardia-1 has a size of 10х10х20 centimeters and a weight of 2.8 pounds, it is not suitable for life, however it demonstrates the serious intentions of the nation's space for settle in orbit.

According to the "king of space", a site must be the last requirement for admission to the United Nations, since Asgardia already has its own Constitution, its own cryptographic currency (called Solar) and the beginnings of government, for true, there are still open positions.

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