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The first shadow of the Tomb Raider Screenshots show a remarkable promise

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<p>  While the official gameplay reveals <b> it does not happen until tomorrow, </b> ] we are seeing all kinds of gifts from <i> Shadow of the Tomb Raider </i> make their way to the Net. Very close to <b> to </b><b>  first look at the cover and Ultimate Edition </b> we have found a Lots of new screen shots that give us an idea of ​​what kind of adventure we are looking for with Ms. Lara Croft. </p>
<p>  As you can see in the first previous shot, Lara has no problem jumping into a situation, while facing what that seems to be a shooting and an explosion with a gun in hand.As you can see, your traditional bow is back, to be able to shoot down enemies with well-synchronized arrow shots, and maybe even some special arrows! </p>
<p>  We have the rest of the screenshots on the following pages entities, so take a look! </p>
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Slide 1/3 – The danger is the middle Nam of Lara e (Not true, but it could be)
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<p>  In this second screenshot, we see Lara looking away in a strange structure, which could very well play a role in solving a puzzle. </p>
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<p>  This screenshot shows Lara trying to survive what appears to be a kind of landslide and / or flood, while grabbing a pole to save life while everything seems to collapse around her. This could be a link to a much larger action scenario to come, similar to the ones presented to us in <i> Tomb Raider </i> in 2013. </p>
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Slide 2/3 – Problem in each corner
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<p>  In this screenshot, Lara seems to be exploring the entrails of a large structure, with a Potential trap that is possibly getting ready for spring. As you can see, Lara has no problems moving in the water, and has light in case she runs into a dark area. </p>
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<p>  Once again, we see Lara looking at something in the distance. Is it an enemy camp? Maybe a bigger location in Egypt that requires exploration? Whatever it is, you can bet she'll have her hands full with what's to come. </p>
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Slide 3/3 – Ready For Action this September
  Tomb Raider 8 [19659002] In this screenshot, we see well Lara who hides from what appears to be a very well armed bully, preparing to attack at any time with his weapon. The real question here is whether she will be able to get through the glass fast enough to hit him … or maybe there is another way?

  Tomb Raider 9

It seems that Lara is more than ready to attack here, since she has her bow and arrow drawn, she aimed directly at a bully in the distance. Could these guys have links with the ones we had to take out in Rise of the Tomb Raider or is this a more powerful group?

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<p>  Last, but not least, it seems that Lara will have quiet moments in the course of the game, in which you can travel through the cities with your cohorts, take a good look before the next part of the mission begins, let's hope that these tourists are not in the middle of a battle between Mrs. Croft and his opponents </p>
<p>  <i> Shadow of the Tomb Raider </i> arrives September 14 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. </p>
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