The first promotion of Bayley as female champion of SmackDown.

Bayley had an incredible night in Money in the bank, winning the contract and cashing in a couple of hours later to become the new female SmackDown champion. What can we expect from it in the future?

"I have known that I have been able to do this all the time, now that everything is in its totality, I … honestly, I look … & # 39; Party of the year & # 39; 2015 with Sasha Banks, I was female superstar of the year in 2015, female NXT champion, female champion of Raw, the first WWE women's team champion, winner of the 2019 Women's Money in the Bank contract, and now I am the WWE SmackDown women's champion. Right now you're probably realizing "Damn it, Bayley is good!" And finally, everyone can see it, and I'll show you more and more every day, this is mine and it's not going anywhere. tonight? You can not get over it, you can not get over it.

You have something else? There must be more? What else can I do? You'll just have to wait and see why I just started. I hope all the costumes are ready, SmackDown, NXT, Raw, NXT UK, all, the men's wardrobe, the women's wardrobe, I want everyone to get going because now I'm up and everyone should catch up. . Because Bayley is the WWE SmackDown Live women's champion. "

This sounds pretty good to me!

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