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A report from a prominent source said on Wednesday that the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 + will be almost identical to their predecessors when it comes to design. However, he also highlighted an unexpected detail about the next pair of high-end Galaxy phones. The Galaxy S9 + and the Galaxy S9 will not offer the same set of features, something that will annoy some of the loyal fans.

The report also seems to suggest that Samsung needed more than a year to replicate Apple's recent success and strategy, and may fall further behind its biggest rival.

The iPhone is still an important source of inspiration for Samsung, and although Galaxy phones may have some features before Apple incorporates them into its flagship device, Samsung is always expected to follow Apple's example. And Samsung generally complies.

After tweeting that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + will be full updates, Evan Blbad shared more details about VentureBeat on the two phones, including the unexpected revelation that the Galaxy S9 + will have a camera Dual lens on the back and more RAM, while the Galaxy S9 will only get a single lens camera.

That's what Apple did with the iPhone 7 last year, equipping the giant smartphone with a dual camera and additional RAM to handle portrait mode functionality. Samsung could not add a double lens camera to the Galaxy S8, although it tried to do it, and only introduced one of those camera configurations with the Galaxy Note 8 that was launched almost a year after the iPhone 7 Plus.

As you can see, equipping a dual camera on the Galaxy S9 could be quite a challenging task. Either that, or Samsung is looking to raise the average sale price of the Galaxy S line by restricting some features to the larger model.

The dual camera of the Galaxy S9 will be available about 18 months after Apple launched its own dual-camera device. But since then, Apple has found a way to equip a dual camera on a smartphone the size of an iPhone 7. And the iPhone X brings other novel features, such as an incredibly fast processor that has no rival in the Android world, and a facial recognition system that uses 3D technology to offer security that triumphs over Touch ID.

These are features that will not be available on a Galaxy phone for some time. Recent leaks suggest that the Galaxy S9 chips will not match the power of the A11 Bionic. As for a Samsung Face ID equivalent, you should not expect one on the Galaxy S9, according to reports. Samsung can equip 3D sensors on other 2018 phones, with the Galaxy Note 9 as a possible candidate.

Finally, what is also interesting is that Samsung will keep the 3.5 mm headphone connectors for at least one more year. For now, it should be quite safe to get rid of the aging taking without having to face too much reaction. Maintaining the port may also be an indication that Samsung's AirPods are not ready for mbad consumption yet. The rule seems to be that if you plan to kill the 3.5mm connector, the least you can do is open your own wireless headphones.

That does not mean that the Galaxy S9 is not a convincing device, or that it should be ignored because it is a minor update on the Galaxy S8. That's not the point. But these first reports seem to indicate that Samsung is having more difficulty "copying" the iPhone than before, and some of the things you see in a new iPhone will not be available almost immediately in the next model of Galaxy S. And yes, Samsung You could refrain from replicating iPhone functions every year. It's just that many customers can expect Samsung phones to do everything an iPhone can, and maybe even more.

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