The first day of Kylie Jenner’s school look for Stoley Webster’s Turn Heads

Going back to school has never been more stylish.

Can relate to so many parents, Kylie Jenner Started her morning by preparing her daughter, Stormy webster, for the school. But instead of taking a 2-year-old child to a campus with classes, friends and playground keeping up with the Kardashians Star ready for a special day of home school.

In an Instagram post shared on September 30, Stormy was seen wearing a black dress with diamond earrings and an Air Jordan.

For that fabulous backpack, the internet did some research and found out that it is similar to the Pink Hermes Togo Kelly Edo backpack, which reportedly retails for $ 12,000.

Kylie posed in front of her daughter’s Mercedes-Benz on Instagram Stories, writing, “The first day of the home school.”

For the past several months after the coronovirus epidemic, Kylie and Stormi have been committing social disturbances together in their Southern California home, where they are occupied with a variety of home activities.

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