The first completely white giant panda in the world discovered.


Image of the world's first white panda: Photo: Courtesy of the information office of the Sichuan government.

The nature reserve in Sichuan province, in southwestern China, has published images of a completely colorless panda on Saturday.

Unlike its black and white companions, the completely white panda has red eyes.

Animal experts said it was a mutation from one to two years old, told Wolong National Nature Reserve, which took the picture of the unique panda in mid-April. The genus of the panda is still unknown.

It was captured by an infrared camera located 2,000 meters above sea level in the area, the reserve said.

It is the first case of wild pandas that become fully alphactists, said Li Sheng, an expert from the School of Life Sciences at Peking University. He said that this shows that there are genes for albefaction in giant pandas.

The panda is strong and walks constantly, which indicates that the genetic mutation did not affect the panda's health.

Duan Zhaogang, head of the Wolong reserve, customs means that will increase the number of infrared cameras in the reserve to carefully monitor the life and activities of the panda.

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