The Fire of San Diego flirts with fame & # 39; World of Dance & # 39 ;, Making friends, Viral Video

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Fire dance team San Diego has advanced on NBC's "World of Dance" program, in part because of the strength of an illusion: Shawn Jones Nguyen seems to be floating in the air.

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But the love between fire and Siudy flamenco – her seven-woman competition in the Duel episode – was not faked in Sunday's broadcast.

Fuego, with a score in the qualification round of 93.7, chose the ladies (86.7) as her Superior Team rivals because "only one group can represent Latin America," leader Eric Payan said. "I thought we should be us."

Fire dance team members (from the left) Andretty Lucatero, Eric Payan and Paul Lopez perform in the music video of
Fire dance team members (from the left) Andretty Lucatero, Eric Payan and Paul Lopez perform in the musical video of "Hijoepu * #" by Gloria Trevi and Karol G. Image via

Judge Ne-Yo immediately called it the Latin American battle of the bades. (Women would wear bullfighter style pants).

Appearing for the first time in the two-hour broadcast, "novices" (as Payan labeled their group) had some difficult times, but 91.0 to 89.7 still prevailed over professionals outside of Miami.

Near the end of their 80-second hip-hop routine, they danced to a G-rated version of 50 Cent "Only a little"- Paul Lopez, from Fuego, raised his shirt to show his chest to the women, who in turn made heart symbols with their hands.

Judge and executive producer Jennifer Lopez commented before revealing the scores: "I did not know if you were fighting against them or [flirting]: What happens? Maybe a bit of both.

Months later, Payan said: "In fact, we became very good friends with all of them."

He said that the director of Siudy Flamenco is married to the main dancer of the company and has the same birthday and name as Paul (but Pablo tells him).

"We really liked them a lot," Payan told the Times of San Diego. "It turns out he's a professional director of music videos."

So a couple of months after finishing the recording of the $ 1 million reality show, Fuego, Payan, Lopez and Andretty Lucatero were taken to Los Angeles to dance in a music video starring Latin pop stars. Gloria Trevi Y Karol g.

The video, published on March 15 on YouTube, is approaching 26 million visits. (The trio of Fire can be seen from about 2:10 to 2:40 below).

The flamenco women, who rehearsed with Fuego for a week, even showed the San Diego quintet some of their techniques.

"They taught us to tap behind the scenes," Payan said. "We could not go as fast as them, I did not see it as a battle, they're angry at us or we're angry at them, it was very good."

The women finally got the boot on Sunday. But they won hearts of Fire.

"We are making good friends," Payan said of the East Coast company. "I'm still in touch here and there."

However, it was the lack of contact that captivated the judges, since Nguyen seemed to levitate.

"Shawn jumped almost at the same time that Paul picked him up," Payan said. "Paul is already strong enough … The hardest part was getting [Shawn] Go back at a slow pace. "

Payan has become accustomed to the show that qualifies Fuego as "arrogant" or "arrogant."

Even the flamenco dancers played in the narrative, saying in an advance (in Spanish): "The weakness of Fuego Dance Crew is too much confidence".

(Payan is shown laughing in reaction: "I told the guys [to] He spends three hours a day practicing being charming in the mirror. "

Fire dancers say that their arrogance is being "amplified" by WOD producers, which is in accordance with the "child band" motive.

"That's the vibe we usually give at times," Payan said. "We never want to have a vibe that we're scared of, people can take it … like being arrogant, but we're happy with the area we're in."

All shows have been filmed, so now Fuego is just waiting to see how they look in the air. (They can not say how it was ultimately for them).

But if the Sunday show was an indication, their odds are long. A fan site showed a 5% that says Fire had the best performance of the High Team Division.

After the episode of Duels, Fire was one of the six acts of the Upper Team advancing to the Cut round, after The Kings (99.3), Unity LA (97), The Heima (96.7) and Radiance (93.7). The exiles won the mourning of redemption.

Payan is not sure when his third dance will air. He's guessing two or three weeks.

But he sees Fire as a warm-up to the routine.

"The first week, everything is new," he said. "The second week, we're a bit used to the system, we wanted to be as comfortable as possible on that stage."

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